2 great ways to use a text message service

If you are using text message marketing to communicate with your clients you’ll know that just with any other form of marketing it is important that you send the right message to the right people in order to be effective. A wrong message sent to the wrong person isn’t just a sale lost or an opportunity missed but sometimes it is a relationship damaged. If a company repeatedly sends you marketing information that is of no interest or relevance to you at all you probably feel not only annoyed but that that company doesn’t know you or what you want at all. Poor marketing can actually result in a breakdown of a relationship between customer and company when it should be achieving the opposite. For this reason you’ll really want to get the best out of your use of a text message service so that it benefits your business most. Here are 4 tips that will help you do this:

1) Different customers want different things

Not all customers are the same and many will be interested in different things you want to offer but not others. If you are a company that provides a range of services and products you might want to consider using a text message service that allows for demographic targeting. This will allow you to send offers to a particular group of people but not others within your list to ensure only those interested get the message. For example an offer of a discount on video games might particularly be aimed at those aged up to 40. You might have only one product however but you can still appeal to different customers by varying your messages. Some might respond better to discounts while others will prefer competitions for example. By varying your messages and experimenting you can find out what works best for your customers.

2) Time sensitive offers

Time sensitive offers are a great way to use your text message service as no other form of marketing is as good at time sensitive offers as SMS marketing is. Because people are never far from their phone and normally read messages within just a few minutes of receiving them it is highly likely that any message you send out will reach most of your customers very quickly. This means if you want to have a 2 day sale you can text your customers and they will know about it in time to take action if they want to come along to the sale. Contrast this with email where your customer may take days or even weeks to get round to reading your message and you can see the advantage of using a text message service for this form of marketing.

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