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3 Mexican Water Fountain Components And Why They Are Important

Every culture has their own influences when it comes to art. These influences manifest themselves in different ways. There is one foundation that is especially prominent in the Mexican culture that is expressive of their culture in their artistic attributes. In Mexican homes, there are a lot of houses that display in the center of their architecture a courtyard. Typically, somewhere in the courtyard and usually in the center, there is a beautiful and ornate fountain that is displayed. This type of authentic Mexican water fountain has a lot of different aspects but they are all based on the culture in which the people are submersed in. They are all alike when they draw upon these cultural references, and they use the same elements. However, they are different in the specifics of their uses. For example, these are some characteristic that are used in different ways to create unique and explosive pieces of the Mexican water fountains:

1 Pictures: There are a lot of specific pictures that are important to the Mexican people. For example, they are in general a very religious people and religious iconic pictures are very significant to them. This is especially true when it comes to the pictures and images of the virgin Mary. The crucifixion is also a very powerful image to invoke in the Mexican people and on the fountains which their courtyards display. It is significant of a powerful part of their lives and it is very important to them.

2 Colors: Bright, lively colors are very central to the images that are displayed on the fountains and on other parts of the courtyard; for example, the tiles. Some examples of the lovely and rich colors that they use include red and turquoise. These colors are indicative of their passionate lifestyles. It is just another aspect that goes into their self-expression in the creation of their courtyards and fountains. Colors are a very important detail that goes into the art that makes up the Mexican culture, and that includes a Mexican water fountain.

3 Materials: A popular material that is used in the foundation making of the fountains that grace the courtyards of many Mexican houses includes terra cotta and pottery. This is because terra cotta and pottery are fairly cheap materials, and they are also good materials on which to paint with their bright, vibrant and rich colors. The materials are very good ones that can be used when it comes to being exposed to water. They do not rust and they are very durable materials.

These are some separate aspects of Mexican water fountains that are combined together with each other their counterparts to create a solid piece of cultural art in the form of a Mexican fountain. The courtyard in which it is placed is also a piece of the Mexican culture that is very important. Put together, the courtyard and the water fountain make up a huge part of the Mexican culture and the peoples self expression. It is a very important part of the Mexican culture and their traditions.

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