4 Simple Offline Traffic Builders That Will Boost Your Sales!

4 Simple Offline Traffic Builders That Will Boost Your Sales!
…Or how being stuck in traffic never felt so good!!

By Lainey Gumbert

I’ve found the secret to driving in traffic!!! I’m no longer concerned whether I am stuck or not!

As a road rep for the fragrance industry, I know the frustration of getting no where fast in Los Angeles. Not so with these 4 crucial Offline Traffic Builders. No matter where I’m stranded, they put your mind at ease knowing they are driving visitors and buyers to my site and increasing my sales every time!

1. Free Samples:
Let’s start off with the best Offline Traffic Builder of all time! The Free Sample. This proven technique has been used by the fragrance industry for years. Nothing generates excitement, interest and loyalty more than a free sample. So, if you aren’t taking advantage of this proven offline traffic builder you are missing a golden opportunity to bring in more money!

A free sample of a great product increases your sales and leaves the customer wanting more.
But here’s an important reminder: Never make the mistake of making your samples too large. You want to give just enough to fully acquaint your customer with the product, but not so much that it will last past their impulse to buy more….of the real size!

2. Business Cards: The Original Advertisement!
Yes, business cards. They are an advertisement every time you pass one out. So never run out! Of course they must represent exactly who you are and what you are selling. If it is a luxury item, the quality must be the best. If it is a less expensive product and more broadly based, spare a bit of quality but turn on the color.

Remember: Make sure your card is an exact representation of your product and your image. Make certain the website is clearly and prominently placed. Whether they are used for distribution within your own industry, at a promotional event or a sales expo, they are your first means of generating offline traffic. And the more traffic, the more sales!

3. Brochures:
It may seem simple, but never underestimate the power of a brochure. Brochures are the perfect support and reminder of your site and the product you offer. It is your opportunity to provide product knowledge and increase interest in a potential buyer. Once again, make sure they completely represent the image of your company and always contain the most current products and prices. To state the obvious, be certain the name, address, phone and fax numbers are easily found, but make the website address most prominent.

Remember: we want this offline traffic builder to be driving traffic to your site long after the customer has left the expo and your sales team.

4. Flyers
I’m not talking about the ‘standing on the corner’ flyers for the cheap haircut or the physic reader! The only thing those flyers will generate is litter! I am talking about flyers distributed (not solicited) at a department store, expo or any location where you have a representative of your company showing or discussing your product with potential customers.

This is one of the least expensive offline traffic builders that not only works, but is essential for anyone just starting out with a new product. Have your company name, a picture of the product (if possible), your website address and for the best results, a line that either grabs your potential customer with the benefit of your product or entices their curiosity to learn more by visiting your website.

Sometimes Simple is Best!!! These 4 Offline Traffic Builders may be simple, but they will boost your sales… while you relax and enjoy the ride.

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