5 Ideas For Making Your Own Bed Canopy

A canopy bed is an exotic, sexy addition to any bedroom, but having that sexy, exotic feeling does not have to cost thousands of dollars for a new bed. Instead, you will find that getting the best bed canopy for your room is as inexpensive as a couple mochas at your local coffee house. Whether you are purchasing a mosquito netting bed canopy or making a unique creation of your own, there is no doubt that a bed canopy is a great addition for any room.

Looking for an innovative and beautiful way to make your bedroom a secret haven? Well, we are going to explore ideas for making your own bed canopies. For all of your bed canopies, we will first state that you need to place a heavy duty hook into the ceiling, and preferably through a ceiling beam. Then you will need either a large hoop, or a rectangle the size of your bed securely set above the bed. The information below will assume you already have the base.

1. There is always mosquito netting for your bed canopies. These are easily purchased, or you can create your own. If you want to create your own, you will need to measure your beds diameter, and then purchase four times than number in mosquito netting. You will then bunch one end of the mosquito netting together and secure to the hoop or square above your bed.

2. If you like mosquito netting, why not try mosquito netting that has been dyed to meet your desires? You can purchase some cold water fabric dye and then dye the mosquito netting as desired. I suggest 2 packages of dye for a twin and full, 3 for a queen, and 4 for a king sized bed. Of course, you can use any color you desire, but I have found that cold water fabric dye is a lot easier to handle than the old fashioned dye.

3. Hmm, mosquito netting not your style? Then you could always try and use other fabrics for your bed canopy. I find that cotton is a great idea as is satin. Of course, you will need to purchase the material in the color you want, but you will also be able to add designs to your bed canopy if desired. My daughter has My Pretty Ponys on her canopy.

4. If you like cloth, you may like a tie-dyed bed canopy. These bed canopies are a colorful, brilliant way to add something special to your room. As always, purchase enough material that will cover your bed thoroughly without bunching. To go with your new dcor, you may even like to add some shad room rugs to create the perfect atmosphere.

5. Finally, my all time favorite is up for mention. Have you ever seen those beaded door ways? These definitely had their heyday in the 70s, but today, we can revisit this popular time and age simply by creating a bed canopy out of number of those beaded doors- Not suggested for households with playful cats.

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