5 Tips On How To Write An Article That Sells Like Hot Cakes!

People would kill to learn how to write an article that sells like gangbuster. That is the truth. When I was a newbie internet marketer, I would always wonder why would people be writing articles and submitting them for free to the article directories. Don’t they have better things to do? The truth that I realized later opened me to a whole new world of marketing. To be precise, article marketing works and not only that it is reputedly the best free method to pull in tons of targeted buying customers! But the key lies in knowing how to write an article that sells.

How to write an article that really sells?

1. Decide The Purpose of Your Article

The very first step you got to ask yourself is what your article aims to do. What and who are you writing for? These are basic questions. Are you writing to pull in traffic to your website? Or are you trying to presell a product or service before directing them to your web link? Who are your customers? This is important because the writing style and angle needs to be geared towards it. A product presell article needs to contain benefits of the product or service in a subtle manner. Go for the approach of how your product can solve their problems.

2. Arouse Curiosity

There is a golden rule here that applies no matter what your article is targeted to achieve. Always invoke enough curiosity for your reader. If there are 10 tips you want to share with them, hold back 2 or 3 most powerful tips from the article. Entice them to come to your site to discover them. Remember do not show them your whole deck of cards. The aim is to arouse their curiosity enough for them to follow your resource link. When preselling a product, tell them one or two benefits that really stir up their interest to come to your sales page for more. This helps to precondition their minds.

3. An Incredibly Attractive Title

Titles either attract or chase them away. If you want to learn how to write an article that sells, master the skill of title writing. Your article is but one article amongst the thousands and millions of articles submitted daily. The only way to get reader’s attention is to have an attractive title. Whether you are targeting organic traffic from search engines, or converting visitors at the article directories, you need a great title, not just a good one. Always include tangible benefits, like Top 10 Ways to Write A Selling Article, Master Article Writing in 3 Days, 6 Secrets of Successful Article Writing.

4. Tons of Useful Information

Give them useful information. Information that cannot be found readily on the internet is the best to establish yourself quickly as an expert your readers can trust. When they trust you, your recommendation becomes gold to them. How do you find them? Go to the local libraries or find out the information from online forums. Go to a forum related to your niche. That is where your prospective customers are. Niche forums are the best place to find out what your target audience are looking for. Trick is to use ‘target product keyword + forum’ in the search engine. Find what they want and also search for answers there. You would be surprised how helpful some of the members are in sharing their wealth of knowledge.

5. An Entertaining Resource/Author Box

The standard author boxes you find typically goes like this. “Roger is an online author. He has a newsletter that teaches you tips on how to write good articles….blah blah blah…” I am sure you would not expect many people to click through the resource link. Compare this to an entertaining one that goes something like this. “Roger flunked his English papers in school. Now, he is the successful author behind reads like blah blah blah. Find out how he finally made it as he shares his top secrets with you on how to write an article that sucks readers in like crazy.” Which is a better title? I am sure you can figure it out.

That’s it. 5 tips on how to write an article that sells all packed within an article. These work extremely well but it is hard work and can take lots of time. Find out quickly from my website what the lazy man’s method of writing articles that sell is.

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