Amazingly Simple, But Shockingly Powerful Ways To Guarantee Your Email Are Being Read

Referring to email marketing, it is unlikely to be successful online without some form of marketing via email. You need to know how to make use of your customer list and boost up your business.

You can easily send a mailing in the evening and earn thousand of dollars by the time you wake up in another day through the use of the email marketing.

First, you must develop an attention-grabbing subject line. While it’s one thing to send an email out to your 20,000 prospects; it’s another thing to get any of them to read it. It will depend how well you can craft the subject line of your email promotion message.

So, how we could do it? You need to be personal in your email. There is something both attention-grabbing and exciting about seeing your name in the subject line of an email. Normally, we just love to see our own names. The truth is, when we see our name in the subject line, we immediately are drawn to it… (e.g. Gilbert, this is the free e-book that I would like you to have, etc). This could easily down using almost every autoresponder system.
By the way, do not make odd claims like Earn $50,000 overnight. If it isn’t believable, then reader will simply delete your email without ever reading it.

Personalization will typically means that it is not really SPAM. While some spammers do have access to databases with our names, for the most part their lists are built by harvesting emails.

You should also only send your emails to your target your audience. (e.g. If your audience are interested in reprint rights, you could include title as New reprint rights released today, Sell this new product and keep every penny and etc)

The prospects may receive 500 emails a day, but if they are interested in reprint rights (and they would be, or they wouldn’t be on that list) then the particular subject line is going to stand out when you download your emails.
By combining personalization and targeted audience, then you have a very compelling subject line (e.g. Gilbert, reprint rights are available!)

Another key thing to attract the reader to take a look at your message is to use power words. It will trigger our emotions and are strong motivators for reader to read furher.

So what do I mean by Power word?

A power word is a word that appeals to the senses (e.g. Unlimited, guaranteed, step by step, free, new, amazing, exclusive, deadline, first 10, etc). It’s been shown in research that we do not buy based on logic, but rather on emotion. Email marketing works on that same principle. It will be powerful if you could combine any of the Power words with a deadline.

The next thing is to use promising which is used to present a desirable result. Your subject line must make some kind of promises. In a split second when the reader views the email subject, it must clearly indicate to them that there is something that awaits them if they read your email. It must be something that the reader does not want to miss out on and it must appeal to the emotions as those they were waiting for the climax of a great movie.
Your email subject line should also create expectation. Reader don’t buy products because they want your product… they buy products because they want the result of your product.

Look at the following examples:
1) Setup your own internet business today…
2) Setup your own internet business in a day

Both have a power word and fairly interesting. But which one creates expectation? The second one makes a promise. This is one of the biggest keys in email marketing, and yet is often overlooked.
You will always have better results with a subject line that creates expectation.

If you can apply these three keys, Personal, Powerful and Promising to any form of email marketing you use (e.g. autoresponders, newsletters, joint venture offers), you will be successful.

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