Andrews 3.0 Tablet PC Straight To The Waist Can No Longer Two

Android 3.0 Google finally release tablet proud camp, with the Apple iPad to a showdown with the ability to run on Android 2.X system, android tablet PC can be proud announce loudly to everyone: Fuji after it!

Android tablet PC world for a year shouting slogans, singing all the way but I saw the Apple iPad, although there are cottage launched a high imitation of the iPad, there are brands launched against the iPad artifact, or Apple could end rule the market, several products Strength iPad not add up to a fraction, the reason is very simple, the system can not keep up, useful windows7 flat, and that heat and power to fight with the induction level of the cottage with Android1.6 system goods, it did not feel the touch screen is hand-eye oblique distortion, in short, is not too accurate touch, look at the Android 2.X system with the so-called flat-panel makers, all kinds of screen resolution is not a stretch to run the program is compressed , can be a magic mirror, where the embarrassment is the support systems and procedures, as if there is no as the iPad Tablet PC system, horses are clouds of God, especially the use of PC and mobile phone system, android tablet PC, the evaluation of a word.

May feel that some of the above extreme, for those who blindly launched the android tablet PC, also do not want to hear a real evaluation, we think, would be best to play the best match portfolio, what products what the hardware, this is absolutely what the system has high requirements, give an example of life, if the blood transfusion, blood type to match, on the contrary should any death, motorcycle buckle a car shell called What, three-hop sub-concept car, What kind of car with a tractor engine, be regarded as agricultural vehicles. Mix this thing called fashion clothing range in children, but on IT, they might become

Of course, Android 3.0 released for the system for the Tablet PC platform has been significantly improved, in fact, not only to enhance the coordination is to match more. However, with the Android 3.0 system is not able to completely off the

The first is differences in the manufacturers product types, such as the ratio of screen size, resolution, hardware configurations are difficult to achieve uniform standards, giving customers the experience of feeling different and the system is a very adaptive high test. Second Android Application Development for the open state, the lack of uniform standards and assessment, even if the system into three, while wandering in the second application was still not in android tablet PC experience to achieve a qualitative leap. Finally, the market is a competitive environment, Android 3.0 will make the Tablet PC to speed up the pace of advance in the product, but such products are not the same as with traditional computer needs, as the main meal of traditional computers, android tablet PC like the dessert, the market capacity will not be like the PC as large, while the needs of users and more demanding, if manufacturers do not have the functionality of the system development capabilities, users win win market, with not even think.

Android 3.0 release it will find the time, happens to be Chinese New Year’s Day, the business out of the Chinese market, Google is not the plan would like to take the Chinese New Year good luck. This is just a Caprice, Android 3.0 is a new beginning, new hope, of course, there are many difficulties to be solved. For me this year with the Android phone people, the progress of the Android system, or empathy, and Android 3.0 on Tablet PC is has really been soaring, this is not good, at least you can start with Fuji start. If you enjoy this article about google android tablet PC,you can buy them in the android tablet PC stores or online. This article originate from the, please indicate the source if retweet, thanks very much!

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