Behind The Scenes Of Successful Search Engine Optimization

For search engine optimization to be successful it has to have several different aspects working together simultaneously. These activities are critical to the success of any SEO efforts, and missing a single element can have drastic negative consequences.

In addition to implementing these activities, the many moving parts of SEO require constant monitoring to determine which strategies are working as well as those that aren’t. These moving parts can include algorithm changes at the search engines, the arrival or departure of competitors, and/or new products. Whatever the circumstances may be, the following actions are taking place (or should be) to ensure that your SEO efforts are successful.

Initial research on search terms – It may not be the most exciting aspect of running an online business but researching winnable search terms will be one of the most important elements in the success of your website. This advance work is designed to define the search terms which are overly competitive, not trafficked, as well as those with lighter competition but ample traffic. This research enables SEO efforts to be directed toward winnable searches versus highly competitive ones while avoiding search terms which will not deliver visitors to your website.

Link-building – Inbound links play a huge role in the algorithms used by all search engines, making this activity an important one as well. The objective here is to attract inbound links from authority sites such as CNN, AOL, and other high page rank sites as these carry the most weight with in calculating ranking algorithms. Other sites with heavy “link juice” are those with .edu and .org extensions.

Analyzing site activity Analyzing what is happening on your site can reveal both the weak and strong points on the website and in SEO activities. Analysis can provide information on several areas including the search terms that are ranking, the keywords that are driving traffic, the origination of inbound links, and where the problems may exist on the website. The information gained from this analysis allows for ongoing insight into what is working and what isn’t on the website and in SEO efforts. This in turn enables weak points to be fixed while playing to the elements that are delivering successful results.

Successful search engine optimization requires constant vigilance and activity on multiple fronts in order to provide optimal results. If your SEO efforts aren’t meeting your expectations, it may be time to take a look behind the scenes to see what is and isn’t happening.

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