Best Free Internet Advertising Methods

Internet advertising can be very budget zapping, especially if you are trying to advertise a specific product using the PPC (pay per click) method. PPC is a very effective method of advertising, but with the extreme bidding wars and competition on the internet market; it sometimes becomes very intimidating for newbie’s. The best way to overcome this first obstacle is to begin by advertising free of charge. Now, you must be wondering whether a free advertising method exists at all. Well, yes it does – the Free Classified Ads Posting.

Some of the best free classified ad sites online include:

– Craigslist

– Kijiji

– Spider

– NYCWave and many others.

These websites are specifically made for marketers to advertise their products online, without the need to puzzle over advertising bills.

Free Classifieds

Classified ad sites typically consist of certain features to help advertisers place their ads. These features include: Ad forms, free subscriptions (on some sites), the choice of selecting ad posting days (the number days you want your ad to be displayed for), and free access at anytime and from anywhere on the planet. You will not need to install any software on your computer and neither will there be any initial or recurring charges. Everything is absolutely free of charge.

Using Free Classified Ad Sites

Free classified ad websites online are pretty easy to use. They consist of easy-to-fill ad forms, on which you’ll just need to fill-in your ad details before submitting them as postings. Most free classified ad sites offer optional premium upgrades, which give you access to some additional features to enhance your ads and improve their chances of attracting more customers. Some sites like Craigslist allow HTML links to your websites, while other sites only offer this feature on premium upgrades. Most classified ad sites require free registration, but a few allow postings without registrations too.

Internet Advertising Is Not Limited To Free Classifieds

Free advertising on the internet is not just limited to free classified ads. There are various other means of successfully advertising online for free.


Though you may not realize this, when you create blogs and bookmarks on social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blog directories, you are actually posting free ads for products and services you’ve mentioned on your blogs. To make the best of this in the complete sense, you can begin by building a high quality, content rich and highly optimized blog. Be sure to make regular posts on your blogs. Every time you post something new to your blogs, be sure to get them exposed by posting and bookmarking the blogs on blog directories and social media marketing sites.

Press Releases

Press releases are another form of free advertising online, which are simply announcements of new products. With press releases, you have the benefit of creating a buzz around the product or service you are promoting. You can post your press release on other free press release sites if it is up to par with them. Free advertising online is not only a good technique to drive traffic online, but is also a very successful free advertising strategy which does not deserve to be overlooked.

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