Blogging For Cash

If you are interested in Blogging for cash – Adsense placement is very important. You need to quickly learn where to place the ad units to ensure that you get the maximum number of clicks that you can possibly get with the traffic that you have. In terms of earning money with AdSense, Blogging for Cash – AdSense Placement is vital!

There are many techniques that have been tested by top marketers, website owners, and bloggers since blogs and AdSense have come into existence. What they have found is that what works for one site or blog does not necessarily work for another site or blog – but certain principles, if followed, can significantly increase the number of clicks you will receive. This ultimately determines how much money you make with Google AdSense.

First, let’s dispel any myths about the placement of AdSense ad units. There is no one particular place that works better than all other places on all webpages for ad units. Some people will tell you to use Skyscrapers on the right hand side of the page. Others will tell you to use Skyscrapers on the left hand side. Still others will tell you to use the rectangular boxes at the top of the page. This is what works for THEIR sites, but it will not necessarily work for yours.

Where your ads are placed is largely determined by what your visitors are doing, and where their attention is focused on each of your pages. If your visitor’s attention will be focused on the right hand side of the page, then by all means use the skyscrapers on the right hand side of the pages. But if their attention is focused on the content of your blog posts, you might do better by copying and pasting the AdSense code into the middle of each post you make.

Look at your blog from a visitor’s point of view. Where is their attention? Have a friend or family member look at the page as well. Ask them what they see first. Ask them what part of the page – without any AdSense ads on it – they were most interested in. Find out what drew their attention and why.

In most cases, you do not want to get in your visitors way. However, if you are hoping to earn AdSense revenue, you need to get directly in their path in order to get your ads noticed – and clicked on. This is why so many people opt to put their AdSense code directly in their entries. When it comes to blogs that is usually where a visitors attention is focused – on the entries. Try putting the AdSense code directly in the middle of each post, using one of the rectangular boxes. Just make sure that you tell your visitors that the post is continued below.

Be careful. You must follow Google’s terms of service for placement of AdSense ad code. If you break the rules, Google can ban you. It is important to know that Google only allows you to have two ad units per page. If you will be using your AdSense code within the text of each post, make sure that your blog does not display more than the Google AdSense ad placement limits – if you break their rules, they’ll ban you! Otherwise, have fun blogging and making money!

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