Chainsaw gloves

At first glance, one would never ever guess that Superior’s new LumberWorks chainsaw gloves have been just that: chainsaw gloves. Even after using them, you’d be no better. But knowing what’s already been engineered into these people will make you a believer. They’re because comfortable, dextrous and good looking as a pair of the mechanics gloves, but with the eight-layer lining of Kevlar around the back of the Left hand, a specific chain-arrest woven Kevlar they supply a level of cut weight designed to withstand any chainsaw running at 3140 foot per minute. This satisfies the EN 381:1999 Class 0 pertaining to chainsaw cuts.
We’ve designed other amazing features to compliment their extraordinary cut resistance, just like water-repellant, smooth, grain goatskin buckskin palms, that have built-in anti-vibration reinforcement. Not only does this specific improve wear; vibration transfer to the palm is substantially decreased. Elasticized velcro wrists improve convenience, while preventing wooden chips from slipping into the back with the hand. The fabric about the back of the hands is a stretchy nylon/lycra cloth, laminated with a water-repellant breathable tissue layer, to keep hands dry out.

Like other hand-held machinery, the whole process of chainsaws can cause vibration white finger. Superior offers several styles of arbortec forest wear with built-in vibration-dampening layers. You get incredible cut protection along with vibration absorption all in one dextrous glove, some of which can stop a chainsaw running at 16 metres per second!

Designed and reinforced palm. Exposed areas are generally seamless and strengthened with leather. Water-proof kid leather hand and hard-wearing, water-repellent polyester back. Saw protection in the left hand glove just.

Saw protection

A few finger gloves gives great all round protection and enable for good movement. Chainsaw defense in left hand.

Chainsaw Gloves together with saw protection
Designed and reinforced palm.
Exposed areas tend to be seamless and sturdy with leather.
Water-proof kid leather palm and hard-wearing, water-repellent polyester back.
Sizes S-XL.

For more information about arbortec forest wear please visit the website.

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