Chinese seamless steel tube industry should strengthen ale independent innovation

“Most of your early core technology of seamless steel tube industry were introduced from abroad, later on it in the independent innovation.” LiuJie, President on the Chinese academy of engineering, academician of China science association, said in seventh seamless steel tube production technology conference kept in the Beijing technology university from October 21 to 22.
In the “eleventh five-year plan” period, China’s seamless steel tube industry develop rapidly, lots of units rise to around 400 sets, the annual production reaches about Thirty million tons, the creation of 15 million tons by 2006 from to in excess of 2010 in 25 million tons, is liable for about 50% of the planet. Our country is the name matches view of seamless steel pipe production and consumption country.
LiuJie described in meeting that while rapid advancement of Incoloy Tube, there’d be considered a number of problems, just like low industrial concentration, weak innovation ability, way too high manufacturing costs, product structure without rational, high-end different types of low proportion, unstable product quality and professional senior talent shortage. Also, a result of the antidumping investigation your country’s seamless steel tube through the United of States and Europe previously couple of years, seamless steel tube industry had a vicious competition. Most indent of enterprise was insufficient, as well as efficiency benefits was down, even some enterprises experienced a huge losses.

We can easily say that innovation usually have three major types, they are technology innovation, management innovation, and system innovation. The type of independent innovation can be put into three kinds, namely the very first innovation, integrated innovation and in the introduction, and innovative again that is on the basis of digestion (namely second innovation). The ability of independent innovation is it has got the independent innovation ability. To the development direction from the Boiler Tube your country down the road, LiuJie suggested that seamless steel tube industry in China would have to be in the introduction of technology all at once strengthening independent innovation. Enterprise really should be focused on colleges, research institutes, top rated enterprise of cooperation, and attempt to produce a good relationship, together to fix production technology, quality, variety extension industry issues, sharing enterprise culture, products manufacturing, marketing, and various elements of the successful experience to seek common development.

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