Digital Asset Management – Ad Builder

Digital Asset Management – Ad Builder

Marketing Software Makes Digital Asset Management Simple

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) module lets you upload, manage, and distribute files of any size in a variety of formats, enabling your local level marketers to access and download the marketing materials they need 24/7, across the globe. Digital asset management helps control all your multimedia assets, from warehousing files to keep track of their location and version, to segmenting file access based on user needs, to monitoring file downloads.

SproutLoud ensures your marketing network always has access to the most updated versions of your product and service information you want them to use, helping reinforce your corporate identity and branding enforcement goals. Plus, the platform allows you to showcase or archive collateral, advertisements, or any other corporate marketing materials. SproutLoud’s digital asset management stores most multimedia file types, including:

-Audio & Video

-Images & Logos

-Digital Documents


-Print & E-mail Templates

-Quickly Adjust Ad Files for Publications

SproutLoud also simplifies the process of sizing, proofing, and sending ads to publications through our custom ad flexing. Ad flexing enables a digital file to be resized up or down to fit the range of ad dimensions used by different publications, automatically adjusting to keep all the ad elements in proportion.

Ad Builder Module

Our Ad Builder module offers you the simplicity of uploading one art file per ad, while enabling local marketers to customize the ad, review it, and then dynamically adjust the dimensions to suit the final requirements needed for various publications. Once completed, an e-mail link is then sent to the publication to download the final ad file, providing a seamless process for ad development and distribution.

A distributed marketing organization, also known as a local marketing network or field marketing organization, may consist of franchises, retailers, dealer networks, VAR Programs, remote sales forces, distributed offices and/or employees, affiliates, field reps, associations, etc. Distributed Marketing Organizations need their brand, products and services to be represented consistently across multiple marketing media at the local level, and especially when marketing decisions are decentralized and deferred to the businesses and people marketing locally.

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