Elevator Belt: World-Class Products fulfill Industrial Needs

With the rise of technology, varied products are manufactured worldwide that cater the convenience to people. The industrial sector is vast and the world demand technology that provide quick functioning of work and easy access to everything. To fill the gaps between industry and consumers, CBC India has entered into picture and is constantly providing its products and services since 1960.

The company is into manufacturing and trading business since its inception and is known for its capability in providing quality products and services. The company over the years expanded and is today a hot manufacturer and trader of elevator belts, conveyor belts and many other industrial products. In 50 years tenure, the company is able to provide C-flex conveyor belts, rotating machine, falk coupling, rexnord, transformer, and other belt.

The company constructs hard core rubber belt and elevator bucket where it applies vertical transportation of loose powdery material of nearly 50 mm dia. Specifications that the company offers in elevator belt is EP or Cotton Duck carcass, 100~2,400 N/mm tensile strength, ~1500 mm or 60 feet maximum belt width, and resistant to wear, heat, oil, anti-static and cover less type for cover rubber.

For quality work, CBC India ensures that superior belt strength is maintained to prevent from breakage due to bolt holes, extracting force of pulleys that occurs due to bending and lever force due to projection of buckets. Manufacturing rubber and elevator bucket has become a leading product of this company which is sold worldwide.

Elevator belt manufactured by CBC India is commonly used for pulling and shifting materials from one place to other. Its prime role is to carry materials vertically and store in a particular place. For easy understanding you can understand the process of carrying materials from bottom in a bucket to the top of the building.

The writer is a technical writer and serves into articles by posting on various blogs. Writing on elevator belt serves one purpose that those who are still unaware of CBC India should know that this company exist in the industry since 50 years and has created impressive record in manufacturing and trading big industrial products and components. Elevator belts and conveyor belts are very famous.

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