Email Marketing Software Maxemail Moves To Version 4

Email marketing software solution Maxemail from Emailcenter has now moved to version 4. Maxemail V4 features a whole new range of features to assist marketers with generating email campaign reports, increasing the relevancy of email messages and avoiding spam filters and blacklists.

Here is a summary of new functionality released in V4:

Enhanced reporting
Additional graphs and stats on main reporting screen include the ability to view campaign statistics by the main UK domains such as AOL, Hotmail and Tiscali. In addition a ‘Funnel Report’ enables marketers to identify where customers are dropping out of their conversion funnel.

ROI tracking
Tracks actions and purchases on your website within Maxemail. Only one line of code is required to be inserted on each web page. As well as tracking the number of conversions users can also track specific revenue figures.

Segmentation reports
Define segments of your database and compare campaign performance between them. For example you could compare the performance of male customers to female customers.

Dynamic content
Blocks of content can be inserted rather than just merge fields based upon a persons profile. For example complimentary products to the recipients previous purchases could be included or only news articles on topics they have stated an interest are included in the email. This ensures that emails are relevant for every recipient which in turn boosts click-thru rates dramatically.

ISP seeding
Find out which of the major UK ISP’s will classify your email as spam. Maxemail will send your email to a set of seed addresses at major ISP’s such as Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL to identify whether each ISP will deliver your email into the inbox, junk mail folder or completely filter the email.

Inbox preview
See how your email looks in major email clients such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail to identify any rendering issues before you send the email campaign.

Users can set-up an online form that recipients can enter their friends details. Maxemail will then send the friend an email which not only can be tracked for opens, bounces and click-thru’s but also can be personalised with any details about them or their friend. People receiving the email can also be given the option to opt-in to future emails or forward the email on again.

Maxemail V4 will enable customers to create more relevant email campaigns, which is the key to email marketing success. Over the coming months Emailcenter will be releasing further enhancements to the email marketing platform.

Interested marketers can learn more about Maxemail email marketing software by reading about the features in more depth or contacting the sales team to request a demonstration.

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