England`s First Ever Overhead Scissers Kick

I stood on the very spot where 45 years earlier I executed the very first overhead scissors stop ever performed within England. The ball shot towards the place by the pile regarding coats, surely the very first goal in Great britain from a learn a single scissors in soccer. It was not to be, your goalie flipped aside the ? inch regarding sodden woodbine and I swear, had time to draw in one more lungful of the sweet smoking, before gracefully falling my shot round the pile of coats that served because post.

This was overdue June of 1958 at Pype Hayes Park in Greater london and we had, the very first time in living memory space, taken a break in the traditional cricket playing days in honour of Brazil’s victory in the world cup. All of us had been transfixed through the grainy black and white pictures beamed via Sweden during that balmy and never to be forgotten month of June.
Right after the matches finished we’d rush to the park to emulate each of our heroes from South america.
Their football was different from that dished up up by the local lads from Villa Park and St. Andrews on a rainy chilly Saturday mid-day.
I had come back to the park out of awareness during one of the many excursions I made up and also down the M6 motorway. They say its never exactly the same if you go back as well as I hadn’t predicted it to be the same but I had at least predicted some kids to get playing football or something. Apart from a couple of youths leaning on their push cycles and glaring in me suspiciously, the recreation area was empty.
When i stood there I had so many memories of these days long gone. The particular long summer days and the uncanny way we seemed to know in the event the others would be right now there, arriving within a few minutes of each other without the aid of phones or texts. The way we knew the learn the single scissors should give way in order to cricket, nobody said anything at all, we just knew. Those days would end the following year as we moved into adulthood and went each of our separate ways. I did so go back once close to 1961 but previously we all were walking to our own drumbeat and the life changing sixties loomed looking at us all.

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