FHTM Review: Is Fortune Another Pyramid Scheme? Or Good Network Marketing Company?

Is Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing a pyramid scam, or the best network marketing company? FHTM Review: Is it just another MLM? Fortune hi-tech marketing is a MLM company that uses their website as the middle man between corporations and consumers. FHTM’s main products are dish network and all of the major cell phone carriers. Fortune hi-tech marketing claims to save people money on their bills.The companies in the rewards mall are not partners with FHTM they are only affiliates. People get confused at first and then are later disappointed because they find out that when you purchase things online from the rewards mall it doesn’t count towards the money you have to spend every month.The rewards mall is the most attractive thing on their website. Unfortunately, nothing you purchase from the rewards mall will count towards the money you are required to spend.

When you join fortune you have to pay twenty-five dollars per month website where you can puchase things and save money. The website is really simple and uses affiliate linking. An affiliate link compensates the person who referred them to their companies website. Not only do you have to pay a set up fee for your website and pay for it monthly; but fortune also takes huge cut on the commission you would have received if you would have created your own affiliate link. There is a lot of money to be made with affiliate linking. It’s really easy to do and you can make a lot more if you do it yourself.

Fortune’s compensation plan sounds very rewarding in their video. They tell you that you only need to enroll 3 people into your business and then help your 3 people get 3 which can only happen in a perfect world. Then you help them get 3 and so on. This is based off of their residual income. You only get paid 0.25% of what people spend until you hit your eighth level where you get 5.25% and then it goes back down to 0.25% on your 9th level and on. The problem is you constantly have to recruit more and more people because to get the residual income you’re downline has to keep spending money every month. The problem is you don’t make any money until you reach the level of regional manager. You have to have 12 people enrolled in your downline to make this level. When you reach the regional manager level, you earn $100 dollars for everyone that joins your downlin. If you have sixteen people join your team in a month you will receive an additional $100 dollar bonus. The huge obstacle is you have to get everyone to the regional manager position or they will quit.

In conclusion, fortune hi-tech marketing has a good concept that helps people save money on their bills. Unfortunately it adds additional bills that people aren’t expecting. They just lowered the price to join fortune to 199 which is very attractive but what they don’t tell you is that they raised the price on what you are required to spend every month. You start out having to spend well over $100 dollars per month and it dramatically increases with each level. What makes succeeding in fortune hi-tech marketing difficult is that it’s virtually impossible to explain to someone, you have to get everyone twelve people in their downline or else they will quit, and that people having nothing to show for all the money they spend every month. For more information about FHTM please visit the complete fortune hi-tech marketing review.

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