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Gervais Group LLC, a website marketing company, aims to dispel some of the myths of website marketing. As more website marketing companies come online every day, it has never been more important for businesses looking for an SEO company to know what really works and where perils and hazards may exist.

In fact many of the perils and hazards lie in the sales pitches that a business may receive when they’re shopping between corporate SEO companies. Here are a few of those myths which are usually presented to give listeners what they want to hear, even if it’s not necessarily the truth:  

The first myth presented is often that all SEO companies are the same and differ only in the prices they charge. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially for companies with intense competition on the web. In that type of situation, website marketing could require a lot of man hours and labor to rank among the top pages of the search engines for keywords that will drive traffic.

The second myth presented is that the website must be visually exciting to retain visitors. While it’s true that website pages should not look like a dictionary, flash and other “eye candy” can have the exact opposite outcome of effective website marketing; making the website difficult to rank and confusing visitors when they arrive. Relevant content and simple navigation will go much further toward generating sales than a flashy site.  

The third myth is that a high ranking on the search engines will automatically lead to more traffic. This is only partially true. Many SEO companies will promise this scenario while leaving out one crucial detail; a high search engine page ranking will only drive traffic if the term is being searched by users. A keyword that isn’t being used as a search term by anybody will not drive traffic to a website regardless of its rank.

The fourth myth is that once high search engine rankings are achieved website marketing can stop. Getting to the top is only part of the battle. Staying there is the other part. Competing companies will continue working to gain high rankings and the search engines constantly change their ranking algorithms. Because of these factors, website marketing must remain an ongoing process.

Gervais Group LLC uses proven website marketing techniques to drive both traffic and conversions at the site.

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