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Should you be looking for a company that will assist you with Live Webcasting, content material delivery and website acceleration but at a worldwide scale then you definitely came across it.
We’re on the list of CDN providers that are trying to provide first class CDN services to customers around the world possessing offices in Manhattan, New York, Shoreditch and London. Our determination is at its fullest any queries along with other queries will have a big priority for us that’s the reason why you are certain to get quick email responses and you’ll obtain the needed support be the case.
As for the CDN cervices, it took many years to fine tuning our software that features sophisticated stats and a confirming system making all the needs of the customer possible. Of course, if you want to find out what exactly CDN is and just how it does the job at us we are going to briefly explain that. Content Delivery Networks, short just CDN, are high performance networks that were designed to send out files, videos and other media material across the globe, in fact is the most easy, fast, efficient and economical method to improve the scale, reach and performance of your business and not only over the internet. You can find out automatically the viewer’s location with the IP address tracking on our global database. This will make using the nearest server for that specific user to increase the delivery speed and performance overall.
Other intriguing facts you should know about CDN comparison and our CDN providing services would be that the content that you simply create can be accessed not just by way of computer but additionally other platforms and units. Our Mobile CDN platform was specially engineered for delivery to iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and most common 3GP phones and tablets also because on the run is a very important elements nowadays. And streaming content on the run is what can produce a actual business edge.
BigCDN is the choice that will help cover the dramatic increase of demand for streaming HD videos on the internet. The demand can be coated utilizing a mix of delivery platforms like ours. You’ll get excellent use experience and the viewer can get the very best media content stream from their nearest server. And our infrastructure allows for peaks in traffic levels and high availability on a truly global basis. If you wish to figure out our CDN pricing, CDN comparison as well as the wide range of services that you will get from big CDN go on our website and find out you can also see our profile and phone us in the event you consider necessary to discover further information. You may also obtain a free trial so go and try out our CDN services right now.

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