Golf And Swing Easy

When most golfers get a golf club in their hand especially a driver, they want to knock the hell right out of the golf ball. It is just

human nature and feels really good to send that little golf ball to the moon if possible. In reality, hitting the golf ball hard does not
make for a sound golf game.

Golfers like to do it if they need a little stress relief, but most of the time that swing causes more stress! Golfers who play a good

game of golf, however, have their emotions in control and erase the “homerun” mentality.

One of the roots of Hugh golfing mistakes is the tendency to swing really hard after a blunder. A violent swing shows major power, but power is not what wins the golf game. Golf is all about accuracy and control.

Golfers have to swing easily and freely at the ball. A small trick is bring their feet together and that will reduce their ability to

swing hard. Golfers that brace themselves for a hard swing use too much effort. Golfers who relax and swing easily have more success.

They have to keep their center of gravity the same. Doing this by keeping both of their feet solid on the ground in approximately the same position as when they start. They have to keep their head still and their center of gravity will not change.

Golfers who exert a sudden effort made with one of their legs or both will cause their head to move. Then they cannot see the ball clearly and they change the position of the pivotal center with relation to the golf ball. When golfers keep both their feet planted on the ground so their weight is supported on the flat of their feet, they connect with the golf ball and have the success.

When a golfer hits the ball properly everything is very smooth and takes little effort, and they realize the great result.

Now, do not brace yourself for the effort of hitting the ball. Do not be stiff. The slightest tendency to stiffen your muscles will

destroy your balance. You want to make your club head go along a straight line while in contact with the ball.

A golfer should try to see how low they can send the ball, and hit it on the center of the club face. This will help to correct

slicing. A ball that goes too high is at the mercy of the wind and can kick off to the right or left on rough ground.

When a golfer hits the ball, remember, the power used has to be within their control. Accuracy is what matters not power if their ball lands in the trees. Perfect control at every instant during a golfers swing. So there should not be a violent effort keep their head still and make sure their club head is going straight when they meet the ball.

A golfer’s longest drives are not usually going to come when they are trying for distance but if they are just trying to put the ball down their line that they are aiming at, the distance will be there naturally.

Golfers who swing at a fairly decent speed throughout so they do not stiffen up. Do not swing back too slowly then. Basically do not swing so hard that you are conscious of the effort.

How much energy should golfers apply to the golf ball? If that golfer can control their power then that is what counts.

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