How Can Article Writing Software Cut Your Writing Time By 10 Times?

Article writing software is popular nowadays among internet marketers who write articles to promote their websites. Article writing has always been a powerful way for anyone to drive instant traffic and make sales for article marketers. Not only so, article writing can be used as an effective SEO technique to obtain quality one-way links to our websites. But there are problems and challenges in writing articles. This is where article writing software becomes handy.

In order to understand how article writing software can really help you in your article marketing, you need to first know what goes into the creation of an article of excellent quality. For a start, an article needs to have content that is closely related to the niche you are targeting. So in short, you really need to do quite a detailed research online or off the internet for useful material to use as writing content.

There are a few ways to do research on the internet if you are not using article writing software. You may go to the search engines like Google and Yahoo and type in the keywords related to your topic and start searching. For each returned result, you can copy down the relevant information on a notepad. Another place to look for information would be the article directories. Look under the category for your niche and start digging for information. Once you are done with the research, it is time to sieve out key points for your article. With the main points, you then craft your article into a piece of informative and useful article. But all these take lots of time.

If you are not good at writing, or just too busy to do so, there are always the ghostwriters who are willing to write you an article for $5 to $10. You can find some decent article writers at Scriptlance, RentaCoder, PhantomWriter and so on. But mind you, it is not cheap if you are using articles as your marketing strategy. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars every month just to get the articles written. That is the trouble of not using article submission software.

There are also private label rights PLR services that offer PLR articles for a reasonable price. Many membership sites even provide as many as 400 articles every month. The trouble is that these topics may be totally off your target niche and you do not get to decide on the topics at all. The quality of articles also varies from being shoddy to well-written. Another big headache is the same article is used by hundreds of members so there is hardly any uniqueness. You can forget about getting organic traffic from search engines since your article is seen as duplicate content that is worthless.

Surely there is a solution that can produce uniquely written articles of excellent quality that pass the search engines’ duplicate content filter while dramatically cutting the time to write it. This is where article writing software comes into play. Essentially, article writing software like Instant Article Wizard is a nifty tool used to carry out online research for relevant information and then format them into ready articles for usage. In fact, it cuts the research time into minutes and in most cases, you can find the information in less than 10% of the time you would have needed by doing your own research. On top of that, you get the most relevant results that even contain your targeted keywords so that your material is optimized for the search engines. But as usual, you should always modify at least 30 to 40% of the content in order to make it unique.

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