How Can Education Marketing Service Help You?

More and more, schools and higher education institutions are realizing that they need new methods and new ideas for their marketing and recruiting initiatives. Fueling this is the realization that more and more prospective students are searching or programs and admissions information online or on mobile devices. Relying solely on traditional advertising and marketing channels is no longer a viable option for schools looking to maintain a steady stream of online leads and to maximize their return on investment.

Marketing for schools now involves making the most from your online presence, leveraging analytics to optimize your Web offerings and maximize the impact of every marketing dollar spent.

Higher Educational Marketing is an analytics-driven marketing firm that helps schools around the world reach their target audience through search engines, smartphones, text messaging, email newsletters and social media. This continuous data-based process involves four steps: measuring (define your website goals and calibrate your school’s analytics to measure online and offline marketing), reporting (review regular reports to track the performance of your school’s marketing tactics), analyzing (study KPIs, such as goal conversation rates for each marketing tactic) and optimizing  (drive continuous improvements and increase the ROI of marketing by testing new variations of content, layout and calls to action) to remove the guess work from marketing.

In order to improve ROI and to increase the lead generation, schools have to make the most out of a variety of search engine optimization tactics. At the heart of these tactics, however, is Google Analytics, a powerful web analytics tool that allows real-time ROI measurement, including SEO and PPC, email newsletters, Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Search engine optimization, which generates organic traffic from major search engines using keyword research, meta tag and content improvements, link building and more. Search engine optimization increases online visibility by generating organic traffic from search engines and ensuring that your website and program pages rank well in organic listings. Equally important these days is mobile marketing, which lets schools leverage the smartphone web experience, creating templates, custom school apps, fit-to-screen mobile versions of websites and more. Social media monitoring and engagement, meanwhile, makes the most of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, allowing target audience interaction and real-time word of mouth marketing. Proper monitoring and engagement on social media can help schools control their online reputation and brand, increasing in the process their share of social media voice.

With more and more prospective students and alumni interacting with schools online (and indeed finding schools and program on the Web and through mobile devices), marketing for schools has had to adapt. These days, higher education marketing involves the proper measurement and analysis of analytics and data, ensuring that tight marketing and recruitment budgets are used in the most effective manner possible. Increase your lead generation and maximize your ROI with analytics-driven marketing from Higher Education Marketing.

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