How To Create A Niche Marketing Blog Empire

Niche marketing blogs are powerful income machines. Many online marketing gurus own such blogs. Not one or two only but dozens to thousands of them. This is how it works. With each niche blog pumping in a few dollars a day, it can quickly add up to huge incomes. The gurus understand that. What about you? Are you ready to learn how to create a niche marketing blog empire?

Niche marketing blogs are essentially mini-sites using blog platforms to market a product in a niche. The most popular blog content management platforms are Blogger and WordPress. These are the kings in terms of SEO and userability and expandability. Let us now take a look at what is needed to build our very own niche marketing blog empire.

Niche marketing blogs are centered around a particular tight niche. Once you select a niche topic that receives moderate searches but has little or no competition, you can start to create your first niche blog around the topic. You also need to find affiliate programs or products to sell on your blog. Since they are effective in pulling small sales over the entire month, you would need tons of them in order to create an empire.

In short, you need to duplicate the following steps for each niche marketing blog you build assuming we are using WordPress blogs.

1. Formatting and tweaking the theme to make it SEO friendly

2. Make your site easy to social bookmark

3. Putting in the relevant plug-ins

4. Monetizing the site with affiliate links and Adsense blocks

5. Updating the site with fresh content regularly

6. Promoting the blog by pinging it to major services and submitting RSS feeds to the directories.

By now, I am presuming you can see how much work is needed to do so. It is manageable if you only own one blog. But anything beyond 5 or 6 of them and you would face the crunch in terms of time and efforts. It can be challenging therefore if you want to build dozens of such niche marketing blogs, not to mention hundreds of them.

How then are the marketing gurus able to achieve that?

The gurus are able to do so because they have teams of people working for them. They have employees and many of their jobs are outsourced. But they are gurus and have deep pockets.

What about the average online or affiliate marketer?

All hope is not lost. In recent months, a powerful blogging management tool has emerged and has leveled the playing field. Without needing any manpower resource, this single tool can handle all the tasks I have mentioned earlier. What is amazing is that it can create a niche marketing blog from scratch in 5 minutes. In other words, in 5 minutes, you can own a blog ready to start earning for you.

Everything from blog creation to multiple blog management, content updating and blog promotion are managed from one tool. So now, even the average marketer can beat the odds and build his or her own niche marketing blog empire.

Find out what is this secret weapon from my niche blog.

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