How To Fix a Paper Jam in a Copier Part 3

During the printing process toner, paper and dust particles can accumulate inside the copier and cause paper jams. In this step we’ll clean the multifunction printer. First, remove any loose paper from the output bin, main input tray & the slot located just above the main input tray called the priority feed slot.
Flip the multifunction printer around looking at the back. To switch off the faxes press the power switch, Get rid of the power cord and let the printer cool down. Return to the front. Open the print cartridge door, glance inside the multifunction printer for the printer cartridge using the handle in the middle of the cartridge lift straight out to remove the cartridge to from the printer. Set the cartridge on a flat surface & cover it with a sheet of paper faxes. When you cover the faxes cartridge you limit the exposure to UV lights which could cause harm. Grab a lint free, dry cloth to wipe the inside of a faxes. Using the cloth, wipe down any residue from the paper path area or the cartridge cavity. Be careful not to touch the black sponge tranfer roller, because if you do you can jepordize the multifunction printer from functioning properly.
You can re-install the printer cartridge after your done installing the faxes cartridge. Close the multifunction printer cartridge door. Flip it to the back, connect the cord back in. Turn the printer on by pressing the power button/switch. Now lets go back to the front side. Afterwards, put the paper into the input tray up until it stops. Move the paper width guide so that it stops at the edge of the paper. Repeat for the paper length guide as well. Do not push either guide in so tightly that it attempts to bend the paper. Finally, print from the oringal document from the copier or press the retry button.

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