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During cold, cough and flu seasons, it is very important to make sure you are taking every possible measure to reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other germs in your home. A clean home will not only be more pleasant and smell fresher, but it will also keep you out of the doctor clinic by preventing germs. There are a lot of places for germs to hang out in your bathroom and kitchen corners. Did you know that kitchen sponges are a number one source of germs and actually harbor more bacteria than any other room in the home?

Germs can pass from person to person or by touching unclean utensils, rags, scrubbers, mats, and other objects in kitchens, bathrooms, and high traffic areas. Hygienic cleaning with medical-grade products is an excellent way to prevent germs from spreading in your home. It involves deep cleaning efforts on the areas in your home where germs are more likely to spread from and cause horrific diseases.

Important Hygiene Tips to Avoid Germs in Your Home

  • Properly clean shower trays and sink basins.
  • If you’re going to use the shower after a long time of non-use, let it run with hot water before using it.
  • Keep bathroom tiles in good condition and try to clean them regularly.
  • Always try to use disposable cleaning cloths whenever possible.
  • If you’re going to start cleaning your home, always use two pails for wiping – one for detergent and the other for rinsing.
  • Ensure food preparation areas are hygienically clean.
  • Keep your pet’s food separate from your food.
  • Keep things dry, as bacteria needs moisture to thrive and moist bacteria takes only minutes to grow.
  • Always wash your hands properly after handling waste material.
  • Household Cleaning Products to Prevent Germs in Your Home

    Multi-surface Cleaning Spray with Vinegar

    A Strong and effective cleaning spray for different types of surfaces. It has a fragrant scent, and doesn’t scatter or leave a vinegar smell. This cleaning product is compatible with all types of surfaces like granite, marbles, stainless steel, plastic and much more.

    All-Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    A powerful cleaner used to eliminate toilet stains and odor with a completely non-toxic, plant-derived formula.

    All-Natural Vegetable Cleaning Wipes

    Non-toxic wipes that could be used on fruits, vegetables, and other food items to clean off grime and pesticides.

    Touchless Trash Bin with Automated Lid

    If you hate germs and want to avoid germs in your home, the best choice is to choose Touchless trash bin. It opens automatically when you go nearer to it. No touching, No germs!

    Sanitopia carries a broad collection of household products such as Travel Sized Disinfectant Aerosol Spray, Food Grade Disinfectant Wipes, Vinegar-Based Cleaning Spray, Antimicrobial Food Storage Containers, Antimicrobial Poly Cutting Boards, etc. All of these quality products help you to prevent germs in your home. Most importantly, we test all of our products for safety and effectiveness at home.

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