How to Reset Windows 8 Password when Login Password is Protected?

Whenever you update to a new operating system, one thing you must do is to improve its security by setting a strong Windows password, installing powerful antivirus programs etc. As a common PC user, have you password protected your computer from prying eyes? Here we will discuss how to reset Windows 8 password with it coming soon.

Reset Windows 8 Password with Traditional Text Password

Traditional text password is composed of letters, numbers and symbols. The stronger it is, the more secure your computer will be. As a strong Windows password, it should be at least 8 characters. Besides, you should avoid containing personal information as the login password like birth date, car numbers, which takes high risks to be hacked. So if you set a traditional text password in Windows 8, don’t forget to create a password reset disk to in case of a lost password if this feature is incorporated in the upcoming operating system. Otherwise, you may need to resort to a third party software – Windows Password Unlocker to reset Windows 8 password, as well as Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 etc. Windows Password Unlocker is taken as one of the beset software for Windows password recovery as soon as possible.

Reset Windows 8 Password with Facial Logon

According to wiki, Biometric methods promise authentication based on unalterable personal characteristics. This is a revolutionary technology that facilitates secure and biometric login to a Microsoft Windows environment, which runs an automatic scan and then detects and matches the physical presence of the user, thereby eliminating the need for user name and password. As is known, users enable to login with finger print as their passwords when they forgot Windows 7 password. And when it comes to Windows 8, it’s said Windows computers will be able to tell those who are using the computer using technology that ID’s facial structure on facial recognition.

Reset Windows 8 Password by Graphical Password Logon

When you log on to Windows 8, there’s another way offered to you with graphical password logon, a system logon mode, prepares for the complete touch operation. Some of the codes are similar to the graphical codes of Android.

Based on online rumors and leaks, users can custom their own logon password in a 4X4 array picture in when they intend to access Windows 8. If a device of touch screen is in use, users can logon directly with touch on it. And besides the picture constituted by the 4X4 array, Win 8 users can also choose a picture on computer to set the password after access the operating system.

Compared with the traditional text password, it is easier for most users to keep in mind with graphical password once you forgot Windows 8 password by accident. Moreover, it may offer better security than text-based passwords because many people, in an attempt to memorize text-based passwords, use plain words (rather than the recommended jumble of characters).

As a series of Operating Systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, Windows 8 will support system-on-a-chip and mobile ARM processors and offer 3D support faster start time and have built-in access to the Microsoft app store, etc. So if you are still irresolute whether to update to Windows 7, Windows 8 is another good option for you, which will be shipped in 2012.

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