How To Write Quality Articles In Minutes, Not Hours

Article writing is one of the most established ways to drive instant traffic and sales for any online business. Ask any internet marketer and chances are you will find article writing as part of the website promotion strategy for the marketer. Since we are convinced of its power and effectiveness, it is so important to know how to write quality articles. It is even more crucial to know how to do so in double-quick time so that we can save time and achieve more for our online businesses. Ready for some killer tips to write quality articles in minutes?

Article writing can be real quick and completed in minutes if you follow a simple plan or system. But before I share more, let us first define what a quality article is. A fine piece of article is written to attract the attention of your reader to your website. It is like a movie trailer or sneak peek where you pack the most exciting and most meaty part into it.

I am going to show you the exact steps to write 6 articles quickly within 3 hours. Here is the hot article writing system to crank out many articles and you would understand why it is effective for coming out with dozens of great articles.

1. Conduct your keyword research to find a list of 6 keywords. These 6 keywords would be the main keywords you are targeting for the articles. Go to Overture and start searching for keywords with searches lower than 1000 per month. Next, head to Google and search for the keywords with quotes, ie “keyword” and if the number is less than 5000, use it. Make sure they are related. The whole search should take no than 10 minutes.

2. Go to Google and start searching for your content. Key in each keyword and go to the top 5 – 6 search results and note down whatever relevant content from the websites related to the keyword. It will probably take you about 15 minutes to do so.

3. Ok, now you have your content. We are ready to write our quality articles! Start first with creating a seed article. This is the base article we would use to create more articles. You can afford to spend a little more time on this article.

4. Here are the steps to write a quality seed article

Step 1 – Create an attention-sucking title. Use words like “How to”, “10 Sure-fire Tips”, “Learn to”, “Why”, “5 Easy Ways”, “Top 10″ and so. Notice that the titles all invoke some kind of curiosity? Remember to include your main keyword into the title in its entirety, that is, do not break it up. For example for the key phrase “write quality articles”, use “write quality articles” and not “write 10 good quality articles”. This is good SEO juice.

Step 2 – Write a 5-paragraph 400 – 500 word article – an introduction, a concluding paragraph and 3 content paragraphs. Each content paragraph would first start off with one sentence illustrating one point. Use the main key phrase in each paragraph.

Step 3 – Elaborate on each point and expand the sentence into a few more sentences. For example, if I am writing about how to write quality articles, I can talk about what makes an article a quality one in one paragraph, another to describe the content gathering process, and so on. Repeat the main keyword for at least 5 times to achieve a minimum 1 percent keyword density. This will rank your article high in the search engine. You may also choose to include a secondary key phrase within your article as well.

5. Take the seed article and rewrite each sentence into 5 different versions. Paraphrase them and use the other 5 keywords for each sentence. This whole process of rewriting would take you probably 20 minutes each.

So that’s it. 6 quality articles ready to pull in great traffic, sales and subscribers for you. Do some simple maths and you would figure out that each article takes no more than 30 minutes to write.

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