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Precision MMA in Poughkeepsie, New York: New Fundamentals Program Helps Hudson Valley Residents Learn Self Defense and Martial Arts
Precision MMA has started a new fundamentals program for beginner martial artists who are looking to get their feet wet with training, but are worried about being too out of shape or concerned about getting hurt.

Precision Mixed Martial Arts, the largest MMA Gym in Poughkeepsie New York, has just launched a new fundamentals program designed for people who have never trained Mixed Martial Arts but would like to start.

Head Precision MMA coach Brian McLaughlin had this to say about the gym’s new fundamentals program, “With our new fundamentals program you don’t have to be a pro fighter to train like one. Our mission is to allow regular people to change their lives through MMA training. Whether you have dreams of being in the UFC or just want to have fun and get great workout, our fundamentals program is the first step towards your success.”

Star student Joe Wienstein also had this to say about Precision MMA’s new program, “I enjoy the style of teaching Brian uses. It is very personal and he is constantly making sure that everyone in the class from the most skilled student, to the beginner is doing everything correctly. As a teacher he is very involved with his student’s progress and does everything he can to make his students better. This is something that I don’t get when I trained at other schools.”

A common misconception regarding MMA training is that you have to be in shape in order to begin. That is not the case, mixed martial arts is actually a great way for people to build their fitness, even if they have never done a sport or exercise program before.

Another concern is that students will get injured or “beat up”. However, since the fundamentals program is designed to be beginner friendly with safety as the primary concern students will progress at their own rate always under the watchful eye of a skilled trainer.

“He is constantly making sure that everyone in the class from the most skilled student to the beginner is doing everything correctly.”

This new Poughkeepsie MMA program brings together Precision MMA’s expert staff allowing Hudson Valley residents to learn under the guide of elite trainers and coaches. For the first time students from the Poughkeepsie area will have the opportunity to learn from Golden Gloves Champions, Ultimate Fighter Veterans, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts and Division 1 Wrestlers all under 1 roof.

There are many benefits to mixed martial arts training. In addition to physical fitness, Poughkeepsie MMA students will learn real world self defense skills that can keep them safe in dangerous situations. Mixed martial arts training also builds discipline and self confidence. Many train MMA for the stress relief and just to have a good time surrounded by positive people.

If you live in Poughkeepsie, Pleasant Valley, Hyde Park, Hopewell Jct. or LaGrange and would like to find out more about Precision Mixed Martial Arts visit or call 845-392-8495.

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