Jerusalem : the holy land for all of those that believe

Jerusalem has and will always be the holy land for all of those that believe.

It’s where Jesus came to be, died, and rose.

Church’s were built to commemorate the events in the life of Jesus, and each year thousands upon thousands of Christians visit the churches, the sacred sites, and the holy land, Jerusalem.

For a Christian with pure belief, there is no feeling like home than being in Jerusalem. Those that have experienced the love of being in the holy land, have been touched by something much greater than words can express, the spirit of the land will be with them forever.

Unfortunately not all have been fortunate enough to visit as frequently as they would like, or some may not have had the chance to visit at all due to underlying issues, but their belief is still strong, and their hope that one day they will be able to visit the Holy Land will always be with them.

Those that long for the Holy Land, or never had the chance to visit yet, there are other options available to them to try and bring them closer to Jerusalem. While these options are in no way a substitute of living, breathing, and experiencing Jerusalem, it’s a great way to know that you can have a piece of the holy land with you, in your home to share with your family, and to keep close to your heart.

The ground we stand on now, we may not pay much attention to, but when you are referring to the soil directly from the holy land, the soil in which Jesus walked upon and lived on, it changes everything, as the spirit of Jesus has blessed the land.

The spirit of Jesus is with every part of Jerusalem, from the air, the water, and the land; he chooses to share his spirit with you through his believers helping to spread his message, the message of love and the word of god.

There’s a great organization out there that’s been helping Christians worldwide feel closer to the holy land and the power of it’s spirit by offering beautiful holy crosses with soil from the holy land encased inside. This organization is called Holy Land Crosses and they are located in Jerusalem.

They understand that within each Christian, there is a desire to become as close as possible to the Holy Land, and they’re helping out in the best way they can.

Each Holy Cross with soil from the Holy Land is blessed, comes included with a certificate, and a portion of the revenue is contributed straight to an Evangelical charity. Holy Land Crosses also offers custom made quality Christian jewelry for those that may be interested, and because their goal is to help Christians worldwide feel closer to Jerusalem, the prices for their services and products are well within reasonable.

They are a business, but they are themselves true Christians with a heart of love, and a desire to spread the word of God, and they are doing it by offering you a piece of the Holy Land.

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