Jesus Loves Me

God loves world, bottom line know…what a simple, yet compelling statement of faith! For a lot of of us, this has been one of the first songs we learned as small kids in Sunday school. Yet, I still find myself humming this beautiful hymn to myself while at the office or at my evening strolls around the neighborhood. I have found a great deal security in the phrase, “…there’re weak but They are strong” and, to most of us, this can be the only section of the hymn which is familiar to all of us.

When you go on a few moments you just read the lyrics with this great tune, you will end up moved because of the beautiful words and messages it has. Since you undergo wonderful hymn, the next verse talks about His death and crucifixion with the words, “…that we might from sin be free, bled and died upon the tree”. These few words have such deep meaning and sum up the immense love and sacrifice Jesus showed for people.
From the third verse is a simple, yet strong testimony of religion urging anyone to accept Jesus since your savior. “He will wash away my sin, let His little child come in” Truer words haven’t been spoken and this is a touching technique of discussing God’s son.
To get this moving hymn to a close, I’ll simply assist you to look at the entire fourth verse because to try to paraphrase this sort of wonderfully written verse would get it done no justice:
God loves me! He’ll almost certainly stay
close when camping right.
Though hast bled and died for me
I most certainly will henceforth love Thee.
Take the time and skim the lyrics with this hymn. For something that has become there for so years, it’s like uncovering a priceless jewel that somehow appears unique each time you consider. Allow these precious words to talk to you together with be truly blessed!

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