How a Laser Printer Machine Work

In this article we’ll be talking how a laser multi-function printer functions so you don’t have to call a fax repair man to repair it. Compared to other office supplies, a printer machine can be the largest & most expensive. This article covers a laser copier, however, these same ethics can be applied to a scanner, fax machine or copier.

First, a laser that is negative-electrically charged fires a charged beam on a mirror drawing the shape of the picture. Then this mirror reflects the laser beam on the OPC drum that makes a negatively charged picture on the drum unit this is sent from the PC. The drum pivots pass the toner copper making it attract the positively charged particulars on the toner as it goes through. The paper at the same time is feed under the drum & gets the positively chaged toner elements. This process is conducted four separate times with differnt copier and toner cartridges for each of the four colors, making a color image on the paper. Then finally heat and pressure are applied to gently repair the toner picture on the paper before the final out-put. The toner and paper particulars are then passed in between a ceramic fusing piece that melts the toner on the paper as it exits the scanner machine.

How a 3D fax works:
3D Printers take digital files either created by you or you can download them from the internet. Using common plastics like AVS or PLA. The 3D printer then sizes up the picture and then figures out how to take it from thier. These are the same sorts of plastics they use to make legos with. The pastics are heated up at the same time it goes downward a tube that can grip extreme temperatures and it gets to the position where it flows down once it’s heated up at the right temperature.

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