Latest Internet Marketing Statistics

Because of the convenience and the vast variety of information that it holds, the internet has literally reached all parts of the world. A high percentage of the world’s population is already using the internet for various purposes. Whether for shopping or research, the internet is always the smart choice to run to.

Internet Marketing Statistics Europe

In Europe alone, there are millions of people who have access to the internet. These people use the internet often compared to other form of media. Europe’s population is approximately 809,624,686 (Internet World Stats). 39.8% of this population uses the internet. There are millions of internet users in Europe.

These people are potential site visitors, customers and sales to online businesses. If online business owners are able to market their website properly, they have millions of potential customers. The key is website marketing. Without website marketing, even if there are billions of internet users, you will still get no site visitor.

Internet Marketing Statistics Ireland

Ireland shares a percentage of Europe’s internet user population. Out of the million users, Ireland shares 0.6% of it. This is approximately 2,060,000 users. This is almost 50.2 % of Ireland’s total population. This only shows how the internet has successfully penetrated into the lives of the Irish population.

This statistical data serves as encouragement to websites and online businesses operating in Ireland. There are 2 million users that can be your potential customers. They are more than enough potential traffic to attract. If you know how to target them, you are on your way to the peak of online success.

Using Statistics In Internet Marketing

Analyzing statistics is crucial in internet marketing. It gives you bases in devising internet marketing strategies. In Europe and Ireland, the main purpose of online users in using the internet is email. This gives you the idea that email marketing could be helpful in promoting your website, products and services to your target market.

If your target market uses email regularly (data backed up by statistics), then email marketing must be a top priority in your internet marketing campaigns. You can start writing compelling emails with subtle sales talk to promote your products and services. Then send it to your target market.

The internet marketing strategy to use in your internet marketing campaigns will depend on the preferences and activities of your target market. The information that you need to identify your target market’s needs and preferences will be revealed by statistics. This is how important statistics is in internet marketing.

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