Let It Go: Moving from Stressed to Acceptance

Let. It. Go. 3 basic words to help us move from anxiety to approval. Wikipedia specifies approval as “… an individual’s assent to the truth of a circumstance, recognizing a process or condition (typically a negative or uncomfortable circumstance) without attempting to alter it, protest.”.

A relative opts to go to a work occasion instead of your youngster’s birthday celebration. Let it go. Recognize that person has different values and accept them for who they are not who you want them to be.

A co-worker receives a promotion over you. Let it go. Acknowledge this other person has been selected for the position and accept you might have talents better served in your current task or a future opportunity.

The company break room is a cross between a science experiment failed and an episode of Hoarders. Your employer directs you to clean it up prior to upper management sees your center. Let it go. Acknowledge this runs out your regular job description and accept the task as a difficulty and modification from your daily work regimen.

So whether your difficulty is annoying or life-changing, close your eyes, take a deep breath and state out loud “let it go”. Or if you are a fan of the movie Frozen, close your eyes, take a deep breath and sing in your loudest voice “let it go, let it go …” Moving your state of mind from stressed to approval will offer you some control over the unmanageable.

Follow these simple guidelines to progress ready and skilled at dealing with modification.

1. Control your Attitude: Throw your energies into declaring not unfavorable. Pick intentionally to be positive and enthusiastic.

2. Take Ownership: Whining is not the like contributing. If you want to flag a problem, be sure to recommend a practical solution.

3. Don’t let Strengths become Weaknesses: All that served you well in the past could outlive their effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to attempt something brand-new and adjust your style to satisfy the requirements of any circumstance.

4. Practice Tension Management Methods: Preserve a sense of humor, eat right, exercise, and avoid negative habits such as chatter to decrease tension on the body.

5. Design the future: The very best way to predict the future is to invent it. Visualize yourself in charge and produce the scenario you really want. Be purposeful. Look at what is needed now and go about doing it.

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