Louis Vuitton Pays Tribute to Stephen Sprouse

For all those who do not know Stephen Sprouse was one of the leading fashion designers in the world but not for so long as he was suffering from a major disease and then his demise happened. But he shall always be missed for the designers and color combinations he has given to his customers. During the whole year, we were unable to catch Louis Vuitton being in action and I think, this is a really nice idea that we should enlighten you with a write-up about its latest Stephen Sprouse collection. Yes, you have heard it right, Louis Vuitton tributes the late Stephen Sprouse and tried to imitate some of his designs that he had left for this world.

Obviously, his gratitude towards fashion will be missed but what are you going to say about Louis Vuitton which is itself a high profile brand? Do you think it cannot design like Stephen Sprouse has done? Well, if you think this way then you are largely mistaken because the new collection is out in the wilds now and does reflect the old memories of Stephen Sprouse.

However, the items are kept very expensive so if you have been stashing cash for buying a new purse or anything else then here’s your brand new chance to get Stephen Sprouse collection made by Louis Vuitton. The exhibition of such a collection went very colorful, there were girls wearing navy blue and parrot green long coats and with that, LV written in a very funky style all over the costume. We still remember that Stephen Sprouse used to adopt all these styles and LV has done an outstanding job knowing the fact that it is just a first time. So, are you down for Stephen Sprouse collection or are you going to follow the same old Louis Vuitton monogram, mahina, epi and other leather items? It is totally up to you now as I have already stated the obvious here. Thank you.

2011 is on the verge to end and it would have been an incomplete year if Louis Vuitton had not launched itts latest 2011’s collection. You can take it as a summer, winter or spring’s collection as it is having a bit from every season and also, special discounts for all the customers in the world but in very limited amount. This is because we all know very well that whatever comes up at the stores of Louis Vuitton gets ended instantly and therefore, you cannot blame the brand if you were not on time or busy with other activities at your end. If you have been following the road of vogue then how could you possibly not buy these Louis Vuitton items?

I am sure that every item has been designed with some logic behind it and thus, you are ought to try it out yourself. Well, for ladies, the collection of ladies hand bags are out in the wilds now and for men, don’t worry, you have been bestowed with little bit pieces of men wear too. This collection includes t-shirts, shirts, jeans, pajamas, hand bags, purses, pouches and wallets.

So, you cannot afford to miss the Louis Vuitton 2011’s collection as it is one of the most significant releases of all times and even Louis Vuitton quoted itself in the magazines that “Whoever wants to see our great succession, he must look at our 2011’s collection” The company is happily distributing these kick-ass designs and customers have no way to neglect it.

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