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Root cause of stress … In the present world all are discussing the work pressure, stress etc which all can be prevented if we have the ability to comprehend the root cause.

If we examine all the cases in detail that are triggering this so called “stress”, “pressure” etc, we alone are the culprit. However then we are removed by the materialistic perspective & simply putting the blame on others.

Our body is the most intricate where in no person has the ability to understand how all the functions are synchronized with in no time. We all are gifted with decision making capabilities, but then still when it comes to critical scenarios at which a choice needs to be taken; we try to play a safe game so to prevent criticism. The saddest part is not leaving from the video game, but discussing the action behind the scene.

We are all hung up in the head. This is the primary problem & the one & only option for that is get down from the head into the heart & all problems vanish. All the troubles are created by the head. Mysteries stay but trouble will vanish.

All the experiences that take place in life are like the small clouds; they come & go & are not worth paying much attention to. One should constantly remember that they are the sky, the clear blue infinite sky & then no clouds can distort you. Take no notice of such small clouds & they will certainly never ever come uninvited.

We should be able to live our life in such a way that no one is damaged neither by our actions nor by our words. We must stay in a creative method, with skill & art. Stay in a delicate means & never become connected.

Origin of all depressions are expectation & anxiety. The only option is to continue to be detached.

The example of bee is worth pointing out right here in this context.

The bee gathers honey from all sort of flowers however it stays unattached. It will certainly go the rose, to the marigold, to the lotus etc. It will move from flower to flower gathering honey, but it is not attached, it does not cling.

Another charm is that, although the bee gathers honey from lots of flowers, it never ever ruins any flower. It collects what so ever it needs, however in such an artistic method with such ability that the flower stays definitely the very same.

Life is never ever static; it is in a consistent moment. So if we cling to anything, it will certainly bring anguish. When there is a beautiful sundown, let us all enjoy that, however do not cling on to it. It will quickly vanish while enjoying itself. Then the night will certainly fall, however let us not stress over that, the night has its own beauty. (Shining stars will certainly embellish the sky).

So if someone has actually been attached to the charm of the sundown, they will certainly be crying because it is no longer there, & during that crying they will certainly miss the beauty of shining stars appearing the sky.

All of us are staying in a world surrounded with anger, with jealousy, with possessiveness, with ego. One ought to refrain from all these gross aspects due to the fact that all these are damaging a lot energy, losing numerous great chances. All these energies should be changed into great actions by assisting others & serving the society there by including even more happiness leading into peace.

There is a systematic process which is ongoing in whatever actions we carry out.

Step 1- Creating a feeling:-.

This is the standard step & normally all the actions that are following us are because we have developing a sensation in the direction of the object in the first look. That is why the well-known statement “Impression is the best impression” holds always true at all times. But then there will be lots of questions in all your mind that will certainly be against this reasoning. Let’s wait & see … … As an example:-.

When someone appears for the meeting, & if he is directed neatly from the front desk, he automatically creates a feeling in his mind that this place will certainly supply an excellent working atmosphere. But then in reality it may not be interesting all. Still if the mind has actually created a positive feeling in the first moment it will really assist to carry out well in the meeting too.

Another example:-.

When i see a flower in the garden, i am creating a feeling that this is the most beautiful flower & is adding value to the yard as such. This sensation is re-emphasized sometimes & our mind accepts that feeling. Even there can be scenarios that this plant might be in the yard from a long time; still we might not have observed the exact same. Once the mind produces a feeling it will strongly continue hold.

Step 2– Thought and feelings:-.

Once our mind accepts that sensation, it encourages us to think more. We will begin to compare the color, appearance, appeal, fragrance etc of the flower with other & re-assures that this is the very best flower in the whole lot. This thought reinforces the idea that this is the most lovely flower. Even this is quite appropriate at all our daily life.

We might be planning to purchase some clothes for birthday & we will develop a feeling that, I must purchase both cool jeans and an attractive check t-shirt. Now even in the statement itself how can I state that jeans is cool and inspect t-shirt is sexy? Due to the fact that I have developed a feeling in my mind that this will certainly be the very best & is in fashion. Now this idea will be actually bothering me all the time & i will be thinking regarding from which shop I should buy? Which brand will be better? How good I will certainly be in that and all.

Whatever matter you take all these plays the very same duty. It can be anything starting from setting a wakeup call in the morning to selecting your significant other.

Step 3- Attitude.

This idea really forms our mindset towards that object or the concept that we have already conceived. We constantly feel & compare whatever we see & feel with that of the idea which has been framed in our mind.

Step 4- Routines.

These attitudes will certainly be plainly mirrored in our habits. This can be better explained with an example.


If a person has actually created a feeling in his mind that alcohol usage will certainly help him/her to relieve from all his stress, then that sensation will certainly develop a thought in his mind that drinking is the only choice for an anxiety complimentary life. This idea will be inscribed deeply into his mind & he/she will certainly have a mindset that all enthusiasts will certainly be tension less beings. Even in the reverse measurement, all non-drinkers will certainly have an anxiety complete life. Even we can extremely commonly hear from lots of people that “Life is a waste if you are not drinking. You will not enjoy the beauty of life”. If we seriously examine that statement, does that include any value? Such mindset frames his practice & he/she will feel that daily will be so dull if at least 2 pegs are not eaten.

The pleasure that they are announcing is simply once again a sensation that we are developing in the mind. Even if such a comfort is felt, that is simply for a short time.

Step 5- Personality.

Such habits form part of our character. The routines are not evolved unexpectedly; we have comprised our mind so strongly that it takes a very long time to loosen up the bad habits & re-learn the good ones.

This can be discussed with an example (favorable measurement).


If a children has actually been brought up in a household where they made use of to help the deserving individuals, it helps the children to have an understanding that service to humanity need to be our primary duty. This will certainly not be understood by the kid in a day or a week’s time. The parents or the senior members will certainly be explaining regarding why they are doing such good deeds and all. Throughout the course of time, the children grows & in his mind a sensation could have found that like his moms and dads he must likewise help the needy with in his limitation & capability. Such a sensation will certainly cause believing & he will enjoy a thought process as to how he can help the needy. This will certainly produce a frame work & his attitude in the direction of life will certainly alter & his mind always wants to do advantages. This plainly can be illustrated from his personality. He will be approachable to all & always will have a helping mind at all times.


Most of us live our lives on the planet of time, in memories of the past & expectancy of the future. Only really hardly ever do we touch the ageless dimension of today- in moments of sudden beauty or unexpected danger, in conference with an enthusiast or with surprise of the unanticipated.

Everybody is trying to stay a different entity: attempting to protect themselves, protect themselves. We are not separate, no man is an island. We belong to the continent, so it’s ungrounded & ineffective to fight with the continent.

Let us all dissolve into the whole, drop the ego. We have to forget ourselves that we are separate, let us make ourselves a part of the entire & feel & picture how lovely & sweet it is.

Hell & heaven is within oneself. We can be the hell & we can be the heaven, it is always us & it is our choice. Heaven is not elsewhere; we need to create it just as we create hell. It is a psychological state. As soon as we release that we are the developer there is terrific freedom.

We are ready to take a trip miles & miles looking for bliss. We make ourselves all set to go to numerous pilgrimage & temples that are very really away & that prayer is nothing aside from a company or a trade. In that sense all of us are traders. We always anticipate something in return. We go to the temple & pray & offer donations, but in return we pray to the god to give this & that. This is absolutely nothing besides a trade. We are business minded.

The foreheads & sacred places are having positive vibrations & is a great store for reflection. These stores will certainly help us to boost our mind-set to a greater level. But for that the temples will just guide us, we just have to make our mind & continue on with the journey.

A real candidate is not after expertise, he seeks knowing. He wants to discover the extremely process of learning. He is not at all interested in reaching the conclusions. He is not curious about objectives. But he is very much thinking about the journey as such itself.

The really idea of an objective is produced by the lazy mind so that one can rest once it is achieved. Individuals who are interested in goals constantly will certainly be interested in short cuts. A true candidate has no desire, no ambition. He will want this minute, & will enjoy every now & here.

The ego is the only problem & then it creates & thousand & one troubles. It creates greed, lust, anger, jealousy so-on & so forth. Individuals will certainly go on fighting with greed, with anger, with lust. However it’s useless. Unless the root is cut, brand-new branches will certainly be coming up in geometric development.

All of us need to serve the humanity without any expectation & the dissolution of the ego is the greatest revolution. If we service the needy one’s now, it is rather sure that we will certainly get the return of all the kindness at a later point of time. However let us not work for that with such expectation.

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