Palo Alto, CA, August 13, 2013 – Carina S. Burns learned of her own adoption when she was a teenager growing up in the Middle East, and it came as a shock. Carina shares her journey of transformation from betrayal and loss to forgiveness and love. She is devoted to assisting others come to terms with their adoption and flourish with this knowledge. Carina’s seven healing steps which are based on her own personal experience, and also follow the teachings of Deborah N. Silverstein and Sharon Kaplan can be modified to any area of life.

“Carina Burns has looked within herself, faced her demons and developed the courage to share her journey of love, perceived betrayal, angst, and re-generative love. Innocence to anger to forgiveness to sharing. I first knew Carina before she learned of her adoption. Carina was a typical, carefree teenager enjoying life. Living the ‘good life’ of a third-culture expatriate kid. Only recently have I reconnected with her. She has quite a story, a gift she shares with passion. Carina Burns is truly ‘Becoming’ in every way imaginable. And, by the way, having tissue handy while reading her story will help.” Richard Maack, Junior High School Principal, Saudi Arabia

Ms. Burns offers her readers the seven healing steps conveniently bundled in a collection of papers. Rather than a prescribed formula for happiness and success, Ms. Burns’s story shares through example her own victory toward “celebrating self”. She includes, in addition, the wisdom of many renowned psychologists, psychiatrists, leaders, a scientist and individuals whose works she consulted to provide you with the crucial seven steps to recover from anger and depression to peace and fulfillment.

“I show you how to become empowered by the sometimes shocking and traumatic experience of adoption. Drawing on my life story, I inspire others to be proud of who they are, to live in authenticity and make peace with the past, be in the present and move forward with love and optimism. You deserve to embrace your own truth and live it.” – Carina Sue Burns

For over two decades, Ms. Burns wandered the globe throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. She enjoys all aspects of foreign cultures, including exotic cuisines, cultural history and language. She studied writing at DeAnza College and at Stanford. She is a member of the California Writers Club South Bay Branch. Her website is

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Ms. Burns’s memoir “The Syrian Jewelry Box” will be coming out in 2014. For future publication and purchasing information, please visit Carina’s website click here:

Carina’s memoir, The Syrian Jewelry Box “is a beautifully expressed story from an adopted child written in a manner which will help bring contentment and comfort to all adopted readers.”~ Anthony J. Zamarchi, Sr., Raytheon Middle East Systems

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