Newbie Online Secret #3: Driving The RIGHT Traffic

Most of the newbie marketers have the wrong perception that by having a good looking website will bring them tremendous amount of traffic and converted to sales. The drive targeted traffic to web sites. Unfortunately, this is totally wrong.

You have to know how to drive targeted traffic to your website. Too often fall prey to prey to traffic scams where they lose their time and money with no conversion at all. There are some traffic system promises to bring unlimited traffic to your website by charging $69.99. In fact, after sometimes, you will that this is robot generated hit. Newbie please stay away from this kind of scam.

4 “Cheap & Ugly” (But Brutally Effective) Web Traffic Strategies for the Newbie

i Pay-per-click advertising
ii Article marketing
iii Social networking
iv Market-specific blogs, forum and groups

The great thing is that virtually all of these targeted traffic methods we’ll be looking at are free. The only method requiring a real budget will be your pay-per-click campaigns, and even these can be done cheaply. By using all the method introduced above, your will know your market better, you can find the ‘hot buttons’ of your target market and communicate to them better.

Pay per Click Advertising is a Keyword Sensitive (pay-per-click) marketing strategy. Sometimes, certain keywords that you might thinks upper-targeted but it is not converting at all. However, the one which you think is not targeted is converting like crazy. The reason behind is that the keyword is not reflecting segment your product targeted. If you have found converted keywords, try to look for variations or synonyms.

Another easy way to ‘steal’ traffic is from popular blogs by posting responses to people’s blog entries in their ‘comments’ section. Some more, forum and blog are good place to understand your market better. You have to join the groups and become an active member of the community. By reading at the threads and discussions posted, it will create more opportunity do market research. You can have a big picture where your markets go? What do they talk about? What sites and products are already popular with them?

Writing articles is an important method to generate traffic to your web site. Submitting the article to the article directory can increase the exposure of your business, no matter what market you are in. You include a bit of information of your product as well as your business in each of your article. This will not only promote your brand but also drift more and more traffic to your web site. This is also an important method to generate back links to your web site. To take full benefit of the viral nature of article marketing, it is advisable to submit your articles that have links back to your web site to as many article directories as you can.

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