Niche Marketing Secrets – A Peek Into The Guru Mind And Niche Websites

Niche marketers are constantly searching for answers, and hunger for the Holy Grail to niche marketing. Perhaps what we frequently may ask is what the real big time gurus are doing to their niche websites that make them so much cash everyday that make all of us drool over. What are their niche marketing secrets?

I guess that there are no real niche marketing secrets. Oops…before you jump at me, let me explain. Basically, there are no secrets, but it is just that niche marketing gurus know and do something which we do not know. What do they do really? Here are some elements that explain their niche marketing success behind all niche websites they build.

1. A Good Grasp of Knowledge

Do not be an information garbage bin. The whole internet is flooded with tons upon tons of free reports, articles, blog posts, forum posts and information is everywhere. But marketers just simply cannot pinpoint what works and which niche can be a good one to create profitable niche websites out of it. Too much unprocessed information is digital trash. You really need to brush aside distractions, sit down, think through and get into some action testing out different niches. Some may work, some may fail miserably. But at the end of the day, you would figure out a system that works well.

2. Huge Resources

Niche Marketing Gurus do not do all the work themselves. In fact, some do not work at all. They have whole teams of writers, graphic designers and so on to toil for them. These guys have mastered the concept of niche marketing and are able to work out a system that keeps repeating the proven steps to create tons of profitable niche websites. And they can do so with huge resources to exponentially shoot up their earnings.

Of course, you may whine that you do not have the money or resources to build an empire of niche websites that pump in cash everyday. Well, at the beginning, you may have to get your hands dirty on every task from learning basic HTML to create a blog, learning how to modify a template, how to submit an RSS feed for more traffic and so on.

But as a learning point here, you must always set aside time to think how you can automate each task so that you can have more time to grow your mini empire of niche websites. This can mean hiring people to help you with the content creation, or even investing in automated blogging software that can do the menial and boring tasks for you. With automated tools, you can automate tasks, and achieve much more within the 24 hours you have everyday. You can use that to build more niche websites, or think of more ways to monetize these niche websites. Think about the possibilities!

Let us paint a picture here. Mr Newbie Niche Marketer finally sorts out his thoughts and starts to build 1 niche website a week. And he is diligent in the creation and updating and does that consistently. At the very best, he can only build 4 niche websites every month. And his income sees a small improvement each month. Maybe each website earns him $50 every month. So his income climbs $200 every month. Not bad!

But compare to the Niche Marketing Guru who contracts a software developer to build him automated blogging software that create niche websites on autopilot. With that, he can build 10 to 20 niche websites within a day. So he adds $15,000 to $30,000 every month to his bottom line.

See the difference in the way niche marketing is done?

This is how these Niche Marketing Gurus are making great income while you still struggle with petty income. What if this kind of powerful software is in your hands? Can you imagine how you could get the cutting edge like the guru? Perhaps, you can even become a Niche Marketing Guru yourself one day. Find out how through my niche marketing blog.

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