DCL has been a pioneer inside equipment qualification by simply shake table testing long before the OSHPD requirements with regard to special seismic certification. We have been the main engineers overseeing the actual testing and qualification of many OSHPD OSP listings. Much of this tools was shake table tested before the produced stringent requirements of OSHPD and was OSP accepted due to the high specifications followed by DCL during testing.

DCL is promoting a proven qualification method and documentation with regard to equipment product lines built to meet the rigorous OSHPD popularity criteria.

DCL is focused on making the challenging OSHPD qualifying measures process transparent and easy for all equipment producers. Contact DCL for any of your respective OSHPD qualification questions.

DCL, can be proud to have guaranteed extreme seismic testing certifications through the Office of State-wide Health Planning and also Development (OHSPD). These desirable certifications are awarded when systems fulfill established reliability requirements to guard against destruction in the event of a major earthquake.

To obtain oshpd certification, the DCL energy systems are be subject to the DCL Seismic. With a great deal of testing capabilities, DCL can check products for high-level occasions, such as earthquakes, or for low-level occasions, such as transportation decline and vibration. Customized test programs along with detailed reports verify that systems you will need to perform under virtually any extreme circumstances.

Seismic testing is completed using a shake kitchen table, a device intended to replicate ground movements that might occur during an quake. The table relies on a 14,000 lb. dynamic force Servo Hydraulic Shaker and has a peak velocity associated with 45 inches for each second. The products are also subject to a post-test, promising that the structural ethics and functionality in the product remain unchanged. Seismic certifications are now in area for several DCL products and offer reliability assurance for its worldwide customer base.

For more information about oshpd certification please visit the website.

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