PFDC Fashion Week has announced that they will be covering the PDFC Fashion Week event held by L’Oreal. The PFDC Loreal bridal fashion week 2012 will aim to cater for Pakistani brides who are looking for contemporary and appealing fashion for their weddings. At the event, you can expect to find a showcasing of not just dresses, but jewelry, make-up and just about everything else. The event is to be held between 3rd and 6th of October as part of a collaboration with L’Oreal Fashion.

Pakistani weddings are part of the culture and are often deemed the most important times in a persons life. In traditional weddings, the women are often the main focus when it comes down to picking out appropriate dresses and colors. From make-up to accessories, both families are focused on helping the bride to look spectacular during the event. The event will aim to provide a new stance on wedding dresses and accessories and give brides a glimpse into what companies have to offer. By presenting outstanding fashion clothing, they are hoping to educate both families and the bridge on new trends for the year of 2012 and 2013.

EBuzzToday has announced that they will be covering the whole event from start to finish. From the red carpet to the ramp walk, EBuzz is going to be there. As an exclusive event, it’s hard for brides-to-be to get access to the event and see the bridal wear that will be on offer. EBuzzToday will be providing exclusive backstage coverage of the event and will provide readers with an insight into the event.

As fashion trends continue to develop, we can expect dresses and accessories that completely stand out from the rest. The leading brands and names will be part of the event and will be looking to capture a part of the market with their fashion. As part of the event, make-up artists will be featured daily to show new and exciting ways for brides to look fabulous on the happiest day of their lives.

Stay tuned as EBuzzToday uncovers the whole event from start to finish. During the month of September, L’Oreal will announce which fashion designers and make-up artists have been chosen to attend the event.

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