Proenza Schouler Book Bag – Professional, Neutral, Not Branded

Actually not all people love the recognizable designer bag to show fashion taste or wealth, or anything else. Some people prefer those bags without a big enough splash to draw a lot of attention from others around them. It seems to be impossible for Proenza Schouler enthusiasts, as almost every fashion conscious individual knows the style of the iconic PS1 from the brand, and the PS11 shoulder bags and clutches. Those bags are popularly recognized though without actual logos or monograms. That’s why we call them ‘It Bag’.

Of course, the Proenza Schouler brand knows what those low-profile people are looking for. Therefore, they created the Proenza Schouler Book Bag to meet the demands of their customers. Those bags are only available in the brand’s exclusive online shops. The most symbolic feature and only features is the buckle, which looks like all the buckles you’ve seen before, against a background of neutral leather. It’s exactly a Proenza bag for those who don’t want 99% of people to know that they’re carrying Proenza.

Luckily, I can carry not only expensive, recognizable bags and accessories but also the bags like this Proenza one in my work. However, not everyone has such a relaxed and unlimited workplace though for those who work in the sort of high-powered corporate, legal or medical jobs that often afford their workers the kinds of salaries to buy luxury goods. In such occasions, it is suggested that people should go for the Proenza Schouler Book Bag, which is nondescript, totally professional, neutral, not obviously branded. It is a bag of daily use for a woman whose job requires her to wear formally or casually.

Sold at the price tag of about $1,550, this Proenza Schouler Book Bag may be not affordable for most common people including me. Therefore, I choose to look for the highest quality Proenza Schouler replica handbags to bring me the same designer look and functions. The replica handbags never let me down so far.

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