Protecting yourself when purchasing off craigslist

If you have ever bought anything off of craigslist you will be aware the type of anxiety that can come with meeting the stranger to exchange funds for goods or maybe goods for cash. If you need getting into buy and flip items, you can be buying items off of strangers via cl at some point.
I have been buying things from cl for many years and never had a problem (knock in wood). I have had a couple of awkward situations the place that the seller’s item is not as described and I was forced to back out of the deal. In this post I will provide a few pointers to settle safe.
Always match in a public position:
This may be the single most significant rule when buying along with selling items above craigslist. The only exception to this rule is if you are buying some form of heavy item/furniture where you would certainly pick it up at the dealers home. Here in State of arizona, we have a chain connected with gas stations called QuikTrip. QuikTrip gas stations are a very safe destination for a meet as they are always busy, super well lit up, and have video security over their auto parking lots.

Walmart auto parking lots, malls, along with fast food restaurants sounds like safe alternatives because they are busy, but can actually be dangerous as most customers are inside or even walking to and from your establishment.
Bring a friend:
Should you have a friend or a loved one who is willing to label along, bring them. I usually bring a new roommate and it adds to the comfort level when obtaining someone else.
Bring defense(if you can):
If you live in a state that allows firearms to get concealed you can (if comfortable and skilled) take advantage of your straight away to carry a firearm. I needed multiple classed in addition to training to obtain a hidden weapons permit along with carry a concealed firearm with me for every deal. Even if I never need to pull the handgun out, it is more than worth it knowing I have 1 with me in case We encounter a situation in which one is needed. It is also becomes a great audio piece when you notice the other individual features a firearm as well.
*** I can’t recommend the above assistance to anyone who has not necessarily taken the proper class training regarding Concealed Carry.
Research the seller/buyer:
I do this with every transaction, it becomes the habit after a while. I usually reverse search their mail and phone number on the search engines. Put their email address into Facebook and see when they have a profile, use some profiling to discover what type of person they are like. 9 times from 10 it makes everyone comfortable to see that they can look like a normal respected member of society.
I just type in their number on google and see exactly what pops up. If you see a ton of buying on craigslist to sell on ebay ads appear under their identify they may also be a flipper/dealer. I have avoided a number of situations (buying cars and trucks) where the seller says he will be a private proprietor on a vehicle and can turn out he is a new dealer. These shady guys wont tell you about the actual sales tax you must pay until you make the cope.

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