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Twórcza music musical attitude was almost 130 years ago, while in 1878 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, who recorded SYSTEM. The phonograph was originally planned to transmit telegraph messages and up to automatically gotowe spółki through the phone.
Edison did not realize that the needle prick probably tape the paper, and record information that led to the stylus on an aluminum foil cylinder that plays announcement “Mary had a little lamb, he recorded”. In fact, the equipment tinfoil phonograph was wrapped cylinder on which sound vibrations can be engraved and played.
Recordings then produced in 1900 due to musicians around the world. Ingenuity music is actually a serious case to 1910 for all that powder money. For 90 years, recording, editing and distribution of music was available, but for those of money. The reason is that the labor force can not settle for expensive suites of studio recording equipment.
But underneath just 1980 people began to experiment with digital signal processing, Phone and vibrations were converted to binary words by computers, in fact, that in 1990 more pit bit became available. Audio probably be better represented digitally, however, took computers with high processing power, and it was still expensive.
Currently, the personal computer becomes available while cheaper, to the memory and the processing speeds that are needed for digital audio are available on almost every computer. Interfaces sound card or would be dźwiękowe.

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