Rising Trends Of Outsourcing Network And IT Management In Europe, Middle East And Africa

Outsourcing is a rising trend globally, but has shown tremendous growth in EMEA during 2011 especially in manufacturing, retail, media, software and telecom sectors. TPI the sourcing advisory group has conducted a latest research, which shows that EMEA has made bigger investments in outsourcing IT and networking services during this year as compared to 2010. Consequently the services like cloud computing, managed networks and SaaS are on the boom with a promising growth expected in the years to come.

The impact of outsourcing network management and other IT services is very obvious across the entire UK market, and can be verified by looking at some of the big names from various business sectors such as Circle providing support & care services to 180,000 people across the UK. The company was facing big IT challenges with its network being spread across multiple cities including London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, Surrey and Essex. After outsourcing network management to a single managed network services provider Circle is experiencing smooth operations, steady growth, reduced cost and improvised business efficiency.

Another big name is Channel 5, the UK’s most favorite channel for live UEFA Europe League Football, Home & Away and Neighbors, Channel 5 News, and above all “Big Brother” the reality TV show. Channel 5 is running a standalone site for Big Brother providing Video-on-Demand (VoD), live updates and editorial; and a Big Brother 2011 Facebook app, which required uncompromising bandwidth capacity for all social media applications to be available to the high volumes of traffic. Therefore, Channel 5 has selected a technology partner that not only ensures 100% reliance but also reduces costs to a great extent.

Wave2 media solutions a renowned name for providing out-of-the-box solutions to publishers, marketers and content providers has also partnered with a managed networks provider to extend the range of services they offer to their new and existing clients. Since majority of Wave2 clients are newspaper and magazine publishers, they require the software to quickly deploy powerful automated document generating solutions. All user interfaces are browser based and are integrated with transactional payment elements, which require high level security, high availability and scalability to be able to meet the end user requirements. On selecting a technology partner Wave2 is able to reduce dependence on the internal IT team, reduce overall infrastructure cost, and enjoy increased flexibility with secure IT environments.

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