Seduction Tips That Lead to Hot Action

The seduction starts with you. No woman is interested in a man who dresses like a slob or who ignores basic personal hygiene. Put on nice, clean clothes, make sure you are freshly bathed, apply a hint of masculine cologne, and make sure you don’t have bad breath. Get this part right and you’re well on your way.

The next step is to project confidence. Make eye contact with the woman. I don’t mean to stare her down like a mugger, but confident men look into people’s eyes when they look at them. Confident men are also comfortable handing out compliments. Women love this. Just be sure not to be crude with the compliments. Talk about her hair, her eyes, etc,.

Once you notice the woman beginning to respond to you, it’s time to move in. Close the distance between the two of you. If she still seems comfortable, light touching is the next step. This means touching her hands, lightly touching her hair, and taking her arm as you walk.

Continue to read the signs. If after the touching phase, she still seems comfortable, your ready for the kiss. Test the water by selecting a good moment for a kiss and leaning in to her slightly. Watch her reaction. If she leans towards you, the next one will be for real. If she seems hesitant, keep the pressure up a little longer and be ready to try again when the moment is right.

If you read the signals that she will inevitably give you and you time your moves correctly, the ladies man inside you will shine. To do this well takes practice, but it’s a great game to practice and the rewards are many.

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