Small Business Advertising Your Business In A Game Crazy World

Playing games has become the motivator of hundreds of millions of individuals world-wide. Game enthusiast spend hours and hours of time just staring at the game almost without blinking. Interrogate the average player about what is associated with a particular game and they recall it. They actually do.

Marketers that have huge marketing budgets have already understood and embraced this. Placing an advertisement in a game is not a new concept, just an effective one.

Think Im missing it? Take a little time to look around when you go to a major sporting event. There are ads everywhere. There are ads painted on the field, hanging from the rafters, tacked to the wall, hanging over the stalls in the mens bathroom. I mean they are everywhere. Marketers havent stopped there.

If you play video games you know what I am talking about. While playing video games, in the game you maybe you are walking down the street in the video game and come across an ad for a clothes line tacked to the wall. You may think that these are just decorations but they are not. Programmers of these games create whole cities with people in them interacting with the person playing the game. Do you really believe programmers couldnt come up with a fake name for a fake product to put on that poster gamers keep running into? That is an advertisement and you can bet that it isnt free to have it hanging there.

The awesome thing about this type of advertising is that the advertisement isnt looked upon as a nuisance. It is accepted because it ads to the realism of the game. Accepted, Read and Remembered. Isnt that the dream of every marketer.

To minimize the costs associated with advertising in third party created games, some marketers have elected to create their own games and use them to draw and keep the attention customers. However, this can be expensive as well unless your uncle Rufus develops games for a living and you can get him to create you one for one tenth of the price. Additional problems arise with this approach when one considers the amount of advertising it will take to get their game noticed in a field that is so saturated with other entertaining options.

The best way to enter this marketing field is to find an existing game that that allows you to place your ad for a small fee. This cheaper alternative works great for small budget advertisers due to its, price, flexibility and scalability. This is hard to find in todays disc based games and impossible to find in major sporting event scenarios. However, viable alternatives exist.

Online games are hot and there are several reasons for this. Individuals that enjoy games can play them from wherever they are at the time, they are usually free and allows gamers to compete with others from around the world at a moments notice.

One such online game and advertising website TypoBounty dot com allows advertisers to place their ad in the game of error hunting for a nominal fee. Advertisers pay very low prices for the advertising and gain attentive traffic with all of the ad acceptance benefits of game marketing.

Game player on TypoBounty dot com are hunting for errors for an opportunity to earn money for reporting them. While they look for errors, they are actually reading and comprehending the website, and the websites sales pitch. They spend more time on the website thus giving the owner more opportunity to sell. For seven to twenty dollars, an advertiser gets attentive traffic. That is a lot better than paying 1500 dollars to get visitors that rarely read much of the sites they visit, like found in pay per click advertising campaigns.

Do yourself a favor, get your ad into game advertising situation and increase the quality of your visitors as well as the quantity. It is no longer a matter of quality, it is a matter of quality of visitors.

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