Styles of Engagement Rings – Blue Water Fishing Classic

Styles of Engagement Rings – Blue Water Fishing Classic


The style of your ring is one of the most important parts of buying an engagement ring. Your precious diamond ring is an expression of your personal or your partner’s style. Classic, modern, vintage or something completely experimental and unique – There are several colors, settings and builds to choose from! Here are some of the most popular styles of rings that have our hearts. You can browse to get perfect Engagement Rings.

This traditional design comes with a lone rock, ideally a gemstone collection in six or four prongs onto a easy gold or platinum ring.  Solitaires are glossy, sleek and ageless and also their ease is what sells!  Though these rings are extremely classic and minimal, you are able to tweak little details depending on your preferences and price range.

Some elect to place a slightly smaller diamond onto a narrow legged ring that tends to make the diamond appear bigger, but some select thicker rings for adding details such as engravings. Halo Gemstone A halo ring comes with a center stone surrounded with additional tiny diamonds rendering it look additional bright and heavenly.

The diamonds that are smaller create the middle stone seem big and more outstanding.  A conventional halo-ring is today’s spin on solitaires.  Three-Stone Gemstone Even the three-stone rings include a centre diamond using just two similar diamonds on both sides.

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They have been believed to possess great sentimental value whilst the 3 stone reflect the history, present and future of their relationship.  Princess and round cut diamonds would be the most well-known choices for that center rock within an three-stone ring.  The 2 side diamonds are approximately half of the car at weight whilst the core bead.

Is normally the diamonds might be prong-set, basket-set or even bezel-set. Side-Stone Gemstone Side stone rings include a centre diamond flanked by 2 or even more relatively smaller diamonds on both sides of it.  Side stone rings seem more glowing and bright due to the extra diamonds and also the way in which they create the middle rock seem more different, shinier and bigger.

A bridal or wedding set consist of an engagement ring and a wedding band that complement each other and look quite consistent. Wedding and engagement rings, when bought separately can be hard to match accurately, especially if it’s very unique or intricate ring. But a bridal set ensures that both the rings fit perfectly together. Also, a bridal set is also often coordinated with the groom’s wedding ring.


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