Tawana Phillips Creates Alter Ego Cartoon Character Tiffani Chanil Hepborn

Published Author Tawana Phillips created an animated alter ego “Tiffani Chanil Hepborn” to depict and explain her story from Rags to Riches in her new book “The Billionairess Next Door”. Tiffani represents everyday women all over the world. Particularily single women with children all over the world who may have struggled financially or lived in utter poverty.

Phillips came from the humble beginnings of Western Mass and amassed huge success in Real Estate Investment & Graduating as an RN, while behing a single parent. Tawana proved that struggling, poverty, being single, while being a woaman should never have to go hand in hand. In the end she also married the man of her dreams as well, while raising an internationally successful son in the process.

Phillips is bringing a different flair to being successful in life for woman across the board, she is teaching that women don’t have to live a life of poverty struggle while being parents. Phillips states “All of these are lifestyles that are taught via the image based media, people around you, and I strongly believe they can be unlearned, we are creatures of habit, we can learn and unlearn things and I am here to help women UNLEARN POVERTY, by going to th core, while bringing entertainment though edutainement.

Learn more about Tawana Phillips and Tiffani Chanil Hepborn at http://aowri.com or get her full story in the book at http://www.amazon.com/Billionairess-Warning-Billion-Investment-ebook/dp/B00CNY5OQG

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