Text Cash Network – Does it really work or is it just one more costly tool?

This last week I’ve have witnessed tons of emails, twitter posts and Facebook messages about a new text message marketing “opportunity” called Text Cash Network. This business claims to be riding the particular coattails of the likes involving Groupon and Living Social, offering daily offers directly to the mobile phone via a text message.

The actual “opportunity” is that if you give increase mobile phone number to be able to advertisers, you will get compensated to receive text message adverts. The more lucrative “opportunity” is if you get others to quit their mobile phone figures to Text Cash Network, you make more money. The truly worthwhile “opportunity” is when those people anyone referred, refer other people to give up their cellular phone numbers, you make more income. This cycle continues, and this is why quite simply Multi Level Marketing.

From the power of MLM (multiple level marketing), it seems the actual promise of making effortless cash has spread speedy, consequently the deluge of information about this prospect. There are several reasons why I wouldn’t ever expect you’ll make a penny together with Text Cash Network and more importantly why you should not giving them your personal cellphone number.
The Money Creating Rationale with Text Cash Network

1) Uneven Advertising Marketplaces – Text Cash Network allows people coming from over 142 countries to subscribe to receive text message ads. Groupon services 44 international locations. It is very unlikely a company that just released will be able to find advertising and marketing for 142 different countries. If Text Cash Network can’t discover text message advertisers for each and every of these different markets, this means no text emails. This means you gave up your mobile phone number for free!

2) Partakers Want Cash, Not necessarily Deals – Examine the difference between precisely what Groupon is selling along with what Text Cash Network is offering. Groupon is supposedly selling to the local area organization that Groupon will provide great offers daily to the buyer that will drive a boost in traffic to their business. So what can you see when you check out Text Cash Network? They’re selling yourself “building a business”. If an advertiser is going to sell to the consumer, which type of consumer you think they want to advertise to be able to? Do you think the advertising return on investment will skillet out when they are advertising and marketing to people that shown interest in make money, or to people that sign up to save money.

3) Five Texts Every day – The reason why TCN states “up to 5 texts for each day” is because it makes marketing easier for Text Cash Network as your probable profits are 5 times what could even be realistic. Case in point, say they paid for you 5 pennies per message, 1 per day. That would identical a yearly profit in your case of $18.25. Currently let’s assume that you could obtain up to 5 text message advertisements per day that will make you a profit of $91.25 a year. It’s surprising TCN didn’t say as much as 25 messages a day, coming out to an incredible profit of $456.25. Groupon and Living Sociable only offer one per day because their pool of advertisers for each industry isn’t big enough to support 5 offers daily. Groupon has raised $1 Billion dollars dollars in capital and now has over 10,000 workers and still only can 1 offer per day, per market. It is rather unlikely that a firm most have never been aware of will be able to do Half a dozen times what Groupon is doing?

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