The 3 Types of Rehabilitation Therapy

The 3 Types of Rehabilitation Therapy


There are 3 main types of rehab therapies are described below:

Physical Therapy

Physical treatment is most likely the most recognizable of the several kinds of rehab therapy that is available to you.

From time to time, physical treatment must help in regaining overall strength and freedom, but most frequently, it is necessary to tackle a particular region of the human body.

Physical treatment must regain freedom and range of movement. The physical treatment uses a vast selection of hands-on therapy, exercises and stretches designed to positively affect the muscular, skeletal, and nervous system.


Occupational Therapy

As soon as we hear the term job, we frequently think about profession or employment. However, “job” not only refers to day job responsibilities but in addition to the overall activities of daily living. This includes grooming, homemaking, and several everyday pursuits prior to an accident, injury, or sickness.

Speech Therapy

Speech treatment is required once someone has undergone a neurological complication. Speech and communicating is sometimes not the sole issue addressed with language therapy, but also the ability to eat and consume. You can browse to know more about therapies provided in a rehab.

Other Common Kinds of Rehabilitation Therapy

These are not the only kinds of rehabilitation treatment which you might need. There are many condition-specific remedies which could be prescribed, for example, cardiac treatment, respiratory therapy, or IV treatment.


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